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If you have or are using an Apple device, such as iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, ... probably not strange to Siri virtual assistant anymore, but sometimes not used. If this device is known, many of you will know it too 😀

The reason this virtual assistant was born was to answer a few questions, execute some commands, and make suggestions or suggestions to help users better exploit the system.

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However, I see many of you still don't know how to take advantage of the power of Siri. For those of you who have a habit of using Siri, this is really a great feature, it helps you have a better experience when using Apple devices.

But from another perspective, for those of you who are not fluent in English, or do not have the habit of using words to work with Siri, it is sometimes troublesome about this feature.

Therefore, if you are planning to turn this Siri off, this is the article for you.

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#first. Why turn off "Hey Siri" on MacBook?

The reason people want to turn off "Hey Siri" is because it's quite annoying, sometimes you don't say Hey Siri as default but it still recognizes and thinks it's a command to call it up - immediately Siri is activated.

As you know, when it is turned on, all the audio playing at that time will be turned off, the microphone of the machine will also be transferred to Siri so it can hear what you are ordering.

While calling, talking to relatives, friends or partners, Siri suddenly pops up, he is angry, just want to punch the screen!

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Note is in this article, I will show you how to turn off the function to activate Siri by voice only. not turn off Siri completely from macOS.

After turning off you can still activate Safari by normal as using the icon on the Dock, Taskbar, using shortcuts, etc ... and all functions are still working normally.

In addition, if your Macbook uses other methods to activate Hey Siri when not supported, you must look to the original tutorial for instructions to turn off or turn off the settings when activating.

#2. How to turn off "Hey Siri" on MacBook computer

+ Step 1: Very simple, first open the macOS operating system settings by clicking on Apple Menu in the corner of the screen => and select the line System Preferences...

Or click directly on its icon in the Dock as shown below. I just click on the icon available on the Dock for fast.

how-tat-hey-siri-on-computer-macbook (3)

+ Step 2: At the window System Preferences If so, you can easily see the entry named Siri at the bottom => click on it to open general settings of virtual assistant Siri on MacBook.

how-tat-hey-siri-on-computer-macbook (4)

+ Step 3: This is where you will be able to turn on and off all of Siri's features such as Voice, activation shortcut keys, voice style, showing menu icons ... but of course that's not what we need. care.

Find and uncheck the box Listen for “Hey Siri” to disable the ability to activate Siri by voice (Hey Siri). That's it, you can close this installation window and continue working as usual.

how-tat-hey-siri-on-computer-macbook (5)

Later if you want to reactivate the "Hey Siri" feature of the Macbook, you just need to come back here and check it there.

But when activated, you will have to repeat the recognition and voice settings by saying a few sentences into the microphone, of course it is very simple and fast, just like when you first turned on this feature. so.

# 3. Epilogue

Okay, so I just showed you how to disable the "Hey Siri" feature on the MacBook computer Alright then.

This will be a quite convenient feature if Apple continues to improve its voice recognition, and soon supports the Vietnamese language. Now it's still not very good, so I still choose to turn it off instead of use.

How about you ? How often do you use Siri while you're working on a MacBook? According to you should turn off Siri on Macbook, please leave a comment below about your views. Good luck !

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