"Libra is showing the world that anyone can make cryptocurrencies"

libra bitcoin

"Libra is showing the world that anyone can create a digital currency of their own," is the statement of Rara Pal, the famous macro investor and CEO of the talented media platform. Real Vision itself.

Pal states:

Lbra is paving the way for a new financial system

He said that Libra will inspire other technology companies and corporations to create new digital currencies.

Google can create its own coin, the oil market can have its own digital currency, anyone can do it. It could be cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or it could be price stabilizers like stablecoins ... it could be anything.

New digital currencies like Facebook's Libra will be a notable turning point for the crypto market.

This shows that anyone can create a digital currency. And once libra is officially launched, surely the other big guys will not stand still.

In the future, we can create different digital currencies to serve different types of transactions.

Recently, the developer of Libra has confirmed to switch to the multi-currency model, a series of stablecoins that are backed by specific currencies.

In addition, Libra wants to support Central Banks as they develop new digital currencies.


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