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Themeforest is the largest WordPress theme market in the world and has many beautiful, powerful themes that meet most of the needs of users.


Joining hands with Webmasters during the epidemic season, Themeforest and CodeCanyon launch big promotions from now until the end of March 2020 with many Bestselling themes and plugins:

Go to Sale OFF Themeforest & CodeCanyon page


Experience using WordPress themes from themeforestThe method of selling themes and the copyright check mechanism of ThemeForest system are different from many popular WordPress theme brands, so you need to keep in mind a few issues before deciding to buy and use themes on ThemeForest for your website!

VHW would like to share some experiences, hope to be helpful for you!

1. Introducing Envato Market

What is ThemeForest?

ThemeForest is a Marketplace offering themes & templates, the most prominent of which is WordPresss theme. This is the largest and most popular ‘market’ WordPress theme in the world!

ThemeForest is part of the system Envato Market (including ThemeForest, Codecanyon, Graphicriver, AudioJungle, 3dOcean, Videohive and Photodune).

Envato MarketOwner of Envato Market is Envato Group (formerly Eden) from Australia.

In 2006 Envato (Eden) was founded by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire (later became the wife of Collis Ta’eed - Cyan Ta’eed) and Jun Rung. Envato is currently valued at more than $ 200 million and is still growing strongly.

Do you know?
  • Evanto's blog system is Tuts + (Tuts plus), where many Web Designers and Devopers in the world as well as VN learn about web design, PHP programming, especially WordPress programming.
  • Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed is also a Developer and the author of How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer - this 200-page book has helped a lot of people become professional WordPress Developers!

What is CodeCanyon?

For WordPress users, in addition to ThemeForest, perhaps no stranger CodeCanyon!

CodeCanyon is the largest plugins market in the world

CodeCanyon is the largest WordPress plugins market in the world with many familiar names such as Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Layer Popup, TablePress ...

ThemeForest is Theme Market, not Theme Author

Many newbies confuse ThemeForest as a WordPress developer. No, ThemeForest is a themes marketplace where developers distribute their products on it.

Through ThemeForest's sales and marketing system, it is easy for small developers to promote their products to customers. Of course, authors only get between 50% and 70% of the selling price of themes, the rest is ThemeForest!

Avada is the best-selling theme in ThemeForest history
Avada is the best selling theme in history!

Popular developers at ThemeForest:

  • Theme-Fusion with over 340,000 sales (Avada).
  • Kriesi with 200,000 sales (Enfold).
  • Themeco with 160,000 sales (X Theme).
  • Dream-Theme with 100,000 sales (The7).
  • QUODE with 103,000 sales (Bridge).
  • TagDiv with 60,000 sales (Newspaper & Newsmag).
  • ...
TheFox is the theme of Vietnamese author Tran Mau Tri Tam
TheFox is the famous theme of TranMauTriTam

Not less Developer from Vietnam successfully at ThemeForest:

  • TranMauTriTam with TheFox (theme & psd template) - 13,500 sales.
  • ThimPress - 22,500 sales (Eduma).
  • tvlgiao (Giao Trinh) - 31,000 sales (Oswad, GoMarket, Glory).
  • King-Theme (author KingComposer Page Builder) - 6000 sales (Arka Host).
  • ...

2. Note when buying themes at ThemeForest

ThemeForest theme is Single License

ThemeForest only offers 2 types of licenses - Regular - direct purchase and Extended - buy and use it to create a web project for sale. And both types of licenses are single licenses - that can only be used on one website.

Therefore, if you want to use one theme for multiple websites, you must purchase a license for each of those websites. Buying a license but installing a theme on many websites is against the copyright (despite the fact that this usage is very common).

Update and Support Mechanism in ThemeForest

When buying a theme in ThemeForest, you will receive a key license to activate the theme online and update automatically later.

Activate Theme from ThemeForest

At the same time, you can create API keys to access the list of themes you own to Install directly on your Website.

Create API key to connect the theme in VHW

To access themes & plugins (on CodeCanyon) from the website, you must install them plugins Envato Market and enter the API key to connect to Envato!

Connect to the WordPress theme from the API themeforest state key


  • Although themes can be installed directly using the API key, these themes cannot be activated unless you have their license key.
  • And the API key only allows you to install the theme file (.zip) and the entire Package such as documentation (docs), psd layout files (if any) or the attached plugins must be downloaded directly on ThemeForest from your account. !

3. How to buy a cheap theme from ThemeForest

Since the end of 2016, the Envato Market system has undergone major changes in the direction of favoring customers.

Best selling themes themeforestEvery week there are always a lot of Flash Sale promotion themes with discounts from 25% to 80%, the price of some bestselling themes is only from $ 19 to $ 39, sometimes even reduced to $ 13.

In addition, each month the Envato Market system has Giveaways, giving WordPress themes, plugins and other design stuffs very worthwhile.

You can follow the list of best-selling themes to buy the off-sale themes that are constantly updated in this article:

Synthesis of Cheap & Free ThemeForest promotion

4. Need to know when using Theme from ThemeForest

Can a theme (1 license) be used on many websites?

As mentioned above, in terms of copyright law, 1 license is only used for one website.

But technically, you can install and use the theme on any website without having to enter the license key to activate, of course, the automatic update feature will not be available, you have to update manually (upload the theme file and install it. instead of the old version)!

When do I need a null Theme from ThemeForest?

Previously, almost every theme in ThemeForest was able to install, import demos and install the bundled plugins very easily without entering the license key.

What is nulled theme? Notes on using nulled themesBut since 2016, a series of themes have changed the copyright checking mechanism, so many themes need to be null to use all features.

For example, Avada, The7, Kallyas, Jupiter ... or Soledad, Newspaper need to be nulled to use without a license key!

Read more: What is nulled theme? Note when using nulled themes

And as the new versions become more and more difficult to null, using themes without a license key from ThemeForest is not as easy as before.

Should I buy a theme from someone else?

First of all, we look through the current popular WordPress theme forms:

  • Buy directly from the author: off the table, this form you do not need to worry.
  • Buy through GroupBuy: this is a very popular form of themes because buying together will help lower prices many times.
  • Buying from individuals online: this is a form that contains many dangers, because many hands download the theme from free sharing sites and resell. Many products contain viruses, which can lead to disability. Of course, you can buy from reputable people.
  • Download from free / nulled theme sharing sites: this is the most dangerous form because most of these themes are installed with viruses or bad backlinks that seriously affect your website. Like dlWordPresss.COM is a typical site!

So, with many changes in how to check the copyright of ThemeForest, we should use the ThemeForest Theme in the following two ways:

  1. It is best to buy directly from ThemeForest for lifetime automatic updates and technical support directly from the author.
  2. Can be purchased through GroupBuy or reputable people, but need to ensure the theme can be used (nulled or not nulled). After a period of use, if you are able to, buy the license key directly from ThemeForest!

See more: Sorting and rating Top Best WordPress Themes ThemeForest

5. Get Themeforest cheap

On WordPress Groups or encounter some promotional components "Get Themeforest cheap", perhaps many people do not understand how the real theme Get damaged.

We learn a little:

What is Get Theme really?

Previously, the black web market offered lots of credit and debit card information (Debit Card, Visa Credit Card, MasterCard or American Express) stolen by hackers and bank criminals.

We can use these cards to buy goods online - a form of stealing money from the account of the person whose card information is revealed (if the account has money or is in a class to spend - on credit cards) .

Meanwhile, this card information can be used for payment on Envato Market, namely buying themes or plugins on Themeforest / CodeCanyon.

It was a cheap Get Themeforest - cheap because it didn't cost me anything - it was all money on a victim's account - somewhere!

But, Envato Market has carefully censored payment in the past few years, not to mention the supply from the black Web for card information is much more scarce, so the form of Get Theme is quite rare today.

Get Themeforest cheap 2020?

Currently, most forms of cheap Get Themeforest are actually Resell key licenses. That is, you can buy and sell the key directly, or buy the key from someone and continue reselling.

The problem is that currently, most Themes and Plugins Bestselling add a license check mechanism - each key can only activate one domain, and the second domain will no longer be valid.

So buy from Get Theme services cheap or buy on the Theme Market are only 4 options:

  1. One is the key that can only be used on localhost (like BeTheme, TheGEM ...) to import demos and install integrated plugins.
  2. Second, use without key - manual update or update with API key (see details of API key below)
  3. Thirdly, use the modified code (nulled) to unlock full features and import demo (such as Consulting, Jupiter ...)
  4. Four: a few themes can still use keys on many domains, like The7, ReHUB ...

Should you buy keys from theme sale sites other than ThemeForest?

The majority of users (in Vietnam) use Themes from ThemeForest without entering the license activation key, others buy keys from theme sale sites for only 1/10 of the original price!

So where does the license key from those sites come from?

When buying a product on ThemeForest, you will be provided with a license key to activate the copyright & auto update on a website.

At one point, the key is only copyrighted on one site, if you use that key for two or more sites is a violation of copyright law. But it does not matter if ThemeForest does not know (VN that, copyright is small, hihi)!

The problem only appears if websites are using the same key that connects to ThemeForest's Server to update or install plugins / demo data "at the same time".

At this time, ThemeForest's system will detect illegal acts, and that License key will be put into the area to be considered, of course all buyers of that Key are also taken care of!

By now, you know, many people buy themes & plugins on ThemeForest & CodeCanyon and then resell that key on the page selling themes, with prices only equal to 1/10 of the original price!

You can buy to install and activate the copyright on your site with "chestnut" costs ... then one day, that key is blocked & the key seller is banned as well!

So, using Themes from ThemeForest with a ‘cheap’ key or not,… is not much different unless you pay directly for the original price from ThemeForest!

So what if I use the same API key?

API key is a feature of ThemeForest and CodeCanyon that gives buyers access to their account right from WordPress DashBoard.

They can download their themes & plugins to install as well as update new versions.

Basically, API key helps customers more convenient to use the items they buy, instead of having to download and upload manually, they can download and install automatically from ThemeForest.

Unlike license key, API key you can enter on many sites to access your account and the themes & plugins you have purchased are completely valid!


ThemeForest is still a great place to choose a WordPress Theme. If you use it on an important website, don't be afraid to invest the cost of buying a copyright theme directly from the author.

If you want to try it out, buy a theme from the General Purchasing Service or Get Cheap Themeforest. Please do not download from theme sharing websites online to avoid being hacked!

See also: WordPress Website security topics

But do not forget, there are many good WordPress theme brands that are not sold on ThemeForest, so consider carefully when choosing a long-term theme for your Website!

Hopefully the article will bring more or less useful information for you. Have fun!


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