Mike Novogratz urges people to buy Bitcoin when central banks print "unlimited" money

Despite the price drop, Mike Novogratz still believes in Bitcoin

Mike Novogratz firmly believes that when central banks pump "infinite" money, it is time to buy Bitcoin (BTC).

Mike Novogratz, CEO of cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital, has just sent a message to his followers on Twitter that "buy Bitcoin", when the central banks start printing bluff money.

Novogratz: "Money grows on trees"

"Money does not grow on trees" is a command that parents often want their children to remember. This means that money is a limited resource and encourages people to work hard to get it.

However, this fable does not seem to apply to the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and the Bank of England - banking institutions that have released "unlimited" liquidity to save the global economy. from the coronavirus collapse.

The fiat currency will grow on trees by 2020, which sounds ridiculous, but it is true at least for central banks.

2020 could be the year of Bitcoin

In the context of non-stop fiat printing, Bitcoin - an anti-censorship currency with a limited supply of 21 million dong, seems never more attractive than now. Novogratz has described BTC as the strongest bullish case for the cryptocurrency standard.

While the cryptocurrency failed to function as a safe haven during the coronavirus mass sell-off, this famous Wall Street Bitcoin bull recently announced that 2020 could become a hold. Bitcoin's largest.

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