The US court has announced the indictment prosecuting one more "leader" of Onecoin

U.S. prosecutors have prosecuted a key figure in the OneCoin project for wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering, according to a newly released indictment.

Karl Sebastian Greenwood was indicted in February 2018, according to the document of the court until today was announced. Accordingly, he has an active role in OneCoin, the notorious investment fraud model of Ponzi model in the field of digital money, spanning 5 continents and very large in Vietnam, Onecoin allegedly occupied won over 4 billion dollars since its inception.

Greencoin Oncoin Leader

Greenwood was arrested in November 2018, according to the report Bangkok Post.

The indictment alleges that Greenwood conspired to deceive investors into buying OneCoin packages, which the promoters claimed could later be used to "mine" OneCoin. As with many pyramid schemes, the goal of the participants is to sell the packages and bring new participants into the program.

According to court documents, such efforts have resulted in "more than $ 1 billion in investment" from 2014 to January 2018.

As US prosecutors have reported:

Greenwood and the people working on his behalf, enticed individuals to transfer money into OneCoin deposit accounts to buy OneCoin packages, resulting in them receiving over $ 1 billion in investments in assets. bank related to OneCoin.

According to's report, Greenwood's conference is scheduled for June 3.

Other figures, including the leaders of Ruja Ignatova and Konstantin Ignatov, were indicted by U.S. officials, although Ignatova - known as "Cryptoqueen" is still outlawed. Ignatov was arrested in March 2018 and faces a 20-year sentence in prison in the United States in July this year.

Thạch Sanh

According to The Block

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