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At a recent Ministry of Information and Communications (TT&TT) conference, a smartphone universalization program for Vietnamese users was approved, and accordingly, all Vietnamese will be able to buy smartphones for only $ 20. America (about 400 - 500k) only.

So what is the reason, as well as the purpose of this program? And what would that be like a smartphone? Please join me to find out more in this article offline.

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#first. Smartphone universal program in Vietnam

The Ministry of Information and Communications has approved a program with the main content as follows: Operators, Developer and OEM will jointly support the maximum price to bring some products at the price of $ 45 - $ 50 down only $ 20 also, with the purpose is for all Vietnamese users can buy and own smartphones for their own.

More specifically, the machines in the range of about 900,000 VND - 1.2 million VND in our country will be subsidized to about 500K, thanks to the cooperation of OEM smartphones and carriers is mainly, because I have not yet figured out how the Developer group will participate in this subsidy program.

This subsidy program is similar to the user buying a carrier's iPhone in foreign markets, you only need to spend a little money to buy the device, and comes with a contract to use the carrier's service.

Actually this form in Vietnam is not uncommon, as long as the network operator and OEM can cooperate with each other.

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#2. What is the reason for the universal smartphone?

There are two reasons we can see it right away:

Internet universalization for people: A small part of Vietnamese people is being exposed to the Internet at a very low frequency (most of them are poor and old people).

Therefore, the introduction of a cheap smartphone to all users will help their Internet access become easier and more often. The first is to raise the people's intellectual level, awareness level, and the second is to serve the modernization of the country.

Preparing to turn off 2G waves: A fairly large number of Feature Phones are still being used by users on a regular basis in our market.

This can be a machine for the elderly, an auxiliary device for a certain audience, and of course, its main ability is just to make calls.

Almost all popular feature phones now belong to Nokia, and these devices use 2G signals to communicate, meaning that when the network operators turn off 2G signals, many people will be affected. Therefore, a device that supports not only 2G is needed for users after 2G waves.

# 3. What is the quality of universal machines?

As I said above, the device selected for this program has an initial price of around 1 million, possibly later that price will be increased (meaning that there are better machines), to have more options for users. And through this program, the price of those machines will be only about 500k.

With a price range of $ 45 - $ 50 for participants, provided that the machine is new and still in production to meet the market demand.

We have some models like Vsmart Star, Vsmart Star 3, Vsmart Bee and Vsmart Bee 3 => A great opportunity belongs to Vsmart (a Vietnamese smartphone OEM)!

smartphone-tai-viet-nam (2)

With a strong devaluation strategy in the mid-range and low-price segment, it is also new, genuine, almost no brand can rival Vsmart. So with these 4 models, if selected, the universal machine for users will have the following basic features:

  • 3G, of course, and also 4G!
  • Having Android 8 and 9, it is difficult to claim to be higher at this price.
  • Mid-range and low-cost chips, relatively weak but sufficient for basic tasks such as making calls, watching movies, surfing the web and playing light games.
  • The design is new, but the material is not premium (obviously).
  • Camera enough, can be single or dual.
  • The battery lasts for a day with typical tasks.
  • And especially the great warranty: 101 days of return and 18 months of Vsmart warranty.

More detail about each device, I have had the review on all 4 devices. You can find it again (the link I attached above is already there).

smartphone-tai-viet-nam (3)

In general, the device is universal to the hands of users will be suitable only for gentle communication, search and entertainment, not outstanding in any aspect. Replacing Feature Phone only.

Are you waiting for this show? And how do you evaluate the universal smartphone program for Vietnamese people? Please share your views below for more discussion!

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