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There are many articles on the blog with detailed instructions on how to join PDF files, cut PDF files, convert PDF files to Word, or vice versa from Word to PDF, ...

And in this article I will continue to introduce you to a website with full functionality from creating, editing ... to combining multiple PDF files together, plus nearly a dozen other functions related to files. PDF again. Please learn more about ZonePDF in this article.

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I. Create and edit PDF files online with ZonePDF

ZonePDF is a free PDF editing service with various functions such as creating, for example, editing a PDF file, joining a PDF file, merging a PDF file, or converting PDF to other formats like EXCEL, WORD , JPG, ...,

You will not need to register an account and still be able to use all the functions available on the site easily.


Visit the homepage https: // zonep, you will see the interface with the main tools are taken out of the homepage as shown below.

how-to-file-pdf (1)

#first. Create PDF - Create PDF

Click on Create PDF To create a new PDF, this feature allows you to create PDF files and save many different formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint ...

The specific function of the buttons in the editor is as follows:

  • Mouse icon: Select and move objects such as text, images, etc.
  • New page icon: Click to add a new page, click X under the small icon on the right to delete the page, or click Undo to restore deleted pages.
  • Uppercase A symbol: Insert text into the page, you will have the settings of font size, font, text format, font color, ... generally quite sufficient for you to choose.
  • Icon painting: Insert background image for PDF, if you intend to insert background for PDF file, you should do it first, because if you insert later, it will overwrite the words or content that you created earlier.
  • Square icons round: Insert circles, squares, arrows into PDF, you also have color options.
  • Pen icon: Click to draw.
  • Eraser symbol: Click to delete the pictures you just drew.
  • Click Untitled PDF to rename the file before downloading.

how-to-file-pdf (2)

Above is the option to cut the file in the Tool section, to save the PDF file that you just created to your computer => click Save.

Note: In the process of editing PDF files, sometimes you should click the Save button in case of power failure, or sudden Internet loss.

=> Then you can optionally save to Google Drive, or Dropbox, or save to your computer.

And your PDF after printing Save will be stored on the server of ZonePDF within 1H, if not downloaded then it will be automatically deleted.

how-to-file-pdf (3)

That's how to save a file in PDF format, but if you need to save it into other formats, you choose File => Save As=> and then choose the format you want to save as (docx, xls, ppt, jpg).

how-to-file-pdf (4)

#2. Edit PDF online - Edit PDF

Editing PDFs on ZonePDF is no different from creating PDFs, with the same tools.

The only difference is that you need to select and upload PDF files from your computer, or from Google Drive, Dropbox by clicking File => and select Open.

how-to-file-pdf (5)

Then you also use the tools that I have introduced in the section #1 to edit the PDF.

# 3. Merge PDF - Merge PDF files

This function helps you merge two or more PDF files into a single file, you can also choose to merge files from your computer or from services like Google Drive, Dropbox.

Proceed as follows: Click on Add More Files to add files => Tick the files you want to merge => click Merge to finish.

Note is that you need to register or login an account to include 2 or more files, you can login and register with your Google account, Facebook.

how-to-file-pdf (6)

# 4. The remaining functions on ZonePDF

These small functions are almost the same as merging PDF above, including converting PDF files, compressing PDF files, cutting PDF files, etc., including:

  • PDF to JPG: Convert, convert PDF files to JPG image files
  • JPG to PDF: Conversely, convert JPG image file to PDF
  • Split PDF: Split 1 PDF file into several different files.
  • Compress PDF: Compress PDF files, reduce the size of PDF files
  • PDF to Word: Convert PDF file to Word format
  • Word to PDF: Convert Word file format to PDF
  • PDF to Excel: Convert PDF to Excel
  • Excel to PDF: Convet Excel to PDF

II. Epilogue

So I just introduced you a service, an online website with all the tools for you to easily manipulate PDF files already, it's 100% free so anyone Can be used easily.

If you find it useful, don't forget to share it with everyone. Good luck !

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