3 Image stamp plugin for WordPress

Image protection with watermarks is essential for blogs. But to not spend too much time I often use the plugin. This article will introduce the copyright stamp plugin for images in WordPress is currently the most popular.

With this plugin it will only stamp Watermark on the image uploaded after installing the plugin. As for the previous image will not be affected anywhere!

Summary of image stamp plugins for WordPress

Easy Watermark

With Easy Watermark I've been struggling for a day to know how to use it.

But don't worry in this article I will guide you to use Easy Watermark with simple pictures.

Install the plugin and click on it Tools => Easy Watermark


Next choose Add New Watermark

Easy Watermark

Add title: Fill anything

Watermark Type: Choose Text or Image

+ Select Text

Easy Watermark

+ Text Options: Text adjustment area including Font, size, color, opacity ...

+ Alignment: Position upper, left, right, bottom

+ Applying Rules: Rules for adding Watermark, if you do not want to stamp large images, uncheck Full size

Use Easy Watermark

+ Select Image:

Click Select / Upload Image to upload the Watermark image


Set image position, opacity do the same as above.

Finally, after doing everything, click Save to save everything. Then upload a photo to test the results.

Image Watermark

Image Watermark is a picture copyright plugin that has been chosen by many Blogger. To install and use is quite simple similar to Easy Watermark only.

Watermark RELOADED

Watermark RELOADED Despite a modest installation, this is actually a pretty good plugin to use. In the blink of an eye, the uploaded photos will be stamped immediately.

Conclusion: There are many ways to stamp images, using plugins is a method that you find to save time. If you are using a good plugin, please comment below to share with everyone!

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