6 best WordPress theme checker tools


Are you often wondering some wesbite WordPress Which famous WordPress themes are you using? If you know, maybe they will inspire you to design a better website. In this article, we will show you how to check your WordPress theme with theme identifiers.

What is WordPress Theme Detector?

WordPress Theme Detector is a WordPress theme checker tool to give specific, specific information about the current theme. Typically, they are the theme name, author, version and theme description.

Some WordPress Theme Detector have direct links to the found themes. So if you like the theme and want to try it out, you can visit that link, download and install the theme right away.

How to check this WordPress theme fast and convenient for beginners.

Therefore, use this tool to inspire more interesting appearance changes for your website

How to manually check the WordPress theme

You can check what a running WordPress theme is without using the WordPress theme check tool. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the WordPress website
  2. Right-click anywhere on that site, then select View page source. (keyboard shortcut is CTRL + U)
  3. Press CTRL + F and enter "wp-content / themes”. Then you will see the theme name right next to it.
    check wordpress theme
  4. You can click here link to display theme details
    quick WordPress theme check

How to check this WordPress theme is quite fast but may not be very detailed because each WordPress website has its own security options. Therefore, if you want to look more carefully, use the best WordPress theme check tools below for better results.

Top 6 best WordPress theme checker tools

There are several WordPress theme detectors you should use. We have compiled these tools for you, all for free.

Here is a list of the most popular and best WordPress theme checker tools:

1. WP Theme Detector

wp theme detector

WP Theme Detector is a great tool that can provide various information related to the theme. You only need to enter the URL of the site, the tool will display all available data.

You will see the description of the theme, the author, the plugins and the popularity of the theme. Moreover, you can see if the theme is available for download.

In addition, the WP theme detector has a powerful feature and a beautiful interface. At the same time it gives you some additional information to find more references. It has powerful theme search and plugin feature included. Very good!

2. ScanWP


Another famous free WordPress theme checker tool is ScanWP. In addition to providing basic information about the theme, this tool will tell you which hosting provider that website is using.

Depending on the theme, ScanWP will display the theme price or not.

Lastly, this tool has a list of some interesting themes, plugins and top page builder.

3. What Theme by CodeinWP

codeinwp tool wordpress theme detectors

Unlike the above WordPress theme detector, this tool only focuses on providing the theme's information so you will not find any additional information about the site.

This WordPress theme check tool is simple and has obvious functions so it is suitable for those who just need to know that theme information.

4. What WordPress Theme Is That

What wordpress theme is that

If you want to know what this WordPress theme is, this tool will detect it for you, it has both the parent theme and child theme. Moreover, it also provides detailed information about the theme. If the site is easy to check out, it will provide a link to the author's theme and homepage.

The information provided is quite comprehensive, as it lists all the plugins used on the site.

In addition, this tool offers some top WordPress theme and plugin recommendations from theme providers.

5. WPSniffer


Of all the WordPress theme checker tools listed, this is the only tool that is not a web application. WPSniffer is an extension of Chrome created by PenguinWP. Because this is just an extension, it only detects the theme and the homepage of the theme.

Although the information provided is limited, this tool is convenient because you do not have to type the URL to know the theme. Just visit the WordPress site, click on the extension icon. You will then receive the necessary information.

6. IsItWP


As the name implies, this tool is primarily used to identify websites that use WordPress. But it also gives other valuable information like a WordPress theme detector.

This tool will tell you the description and availability of the theme. In addition, it also displays the plugins used on the site.

Which WordPress theme check tool is best?

Each WordPress theme testing tool has its own strengths and weaknesses. We have tested them all to test famous WordPress sites. The listed sites mostly use custom themes, also Techcrunch Use heavily modified theme. Here is the result:

WordPress Theme DetectorScanWPWhat Theme by CodeinWPWhat WordPress Theme is ThatWPSnifferIsItWP
Techcrunch.comHaveHaveIs notIs notHaveIs not
Etsy BlogHaveHaveHaveIs notHaveHave

From the comparison above, we can see that WordPress Theme Detector, ScanWP and WPSniffer Can check custom WordPress theme. Still What Theme and IsItWP is the most common theme checker tool, but it's not good at finding heavily modified themes.

And finally, the only tool that cannot detect 2 of the web pages is What WordPress Theme is That. Testing shows that this tool only checks popular WordPress themes.


In a nutshell, if you want to know which theme is heavily used on your favorite WordPress sites, you can find that theme manually or get better results by using the WordPress theme check tool we've mentioned. . Here are some WordPress theme check tools you can use to check:

  • WordPress Theme Detector - powerful, easy-to-use tool for checking WordPress themes.
  • ScanWP - display information, author and theme prices.
  • What Theme by CodeinWP - Providing simple and honest explanations of the theme
  • What WordPress Theme Is That - identify the parent theme and the child theme of the website as well as various information about the theme.
  • WPSniffer - a Chrome extension with just one click can know the theme is used on the website.
  • IsItWP - Tools you should use if you want to check out the famous WordPress theme

Getting inspired by other people's themes can sometimes support the look and feel of your own website. Use the tools above to check your WordPress theme and choose the most suitable theme!


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