How to copy the same format in Excel (copy format)

Copy paste is one Basic operations in Excel used a lot. If you are simply copying, you only need to press the key combination Ctrl + C. Then, select the area to paste, and press the key combination Ctrl + V. However, to The copy stays in the same format in Excel is another matter. This is also quite simple. You can copy formats from one content to another easily.

And in this article, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you details on how to keep the format in Excel. You can use the Format Painter feature in Excel to do this. You can then copy the entire format of one document into another. This way you can make sure the two documents have exactly the same format, helping you to set up the format faster.

Video tutorial on how to copy the format in Excel

In this video, Do Bao Nam Blog is used on Excel 2019 version. You only need to use the Format Painter tool. Then all the formats of the previous document will be converted to the new document with a simple operation.

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How to copy formatting in Excel with Detailed Format Painter

This is also one of knowledge Basic Excel. And this operation is also quite common in study and work. Therefore, if you are interested in this issue, you can refer to the steps below in detail:

Step 1: Click on the area to copy format. You just need to click on the cell containing the formatted content to be copied. That's it done step 1. Very simple right.

Step 2: In the tab Home, you click on Format Painter to copy the format. Then you just need to click on the cell you want to paste the format. You can also click and hold the left mouse button, then drag to multiple cells to copy the format for multiple cells at once.

Steps to copy the format in Excel through illustrations
Steps to copy the format in Excel through illustrations.

How to copy Excel to Excel format remains the same

Meaning that you copy from one Excel file to another Excel file retains the original format. Normally when copying from one Excel file to another, the size of the Excel column will not be copied. Then you have to take time to resize in the new Excel file. So how do you copy the Excel file in the same format?

Step 1: In the original Excel file, you just need to select the content to copy. Then press Ctrl + C as usual.

Step 2: At the file you want to paste, right-click where you want to paste. Then, click on the small arrow in Paste Special. And choose Keep source column widths. Thus the size of the Excel columns remains the same.

Copy to one file format from Excel file to another.
Copy to one file format from Excel file to another.

In addition to the keep source column widths feature, you have plenty of other options for pasting data. You can try each option yourself to see the benefits of each feature.

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