The easiest way to adjust date format in Excel

In the documents Excel, many times you need to insert dates into documents. This could be an insertion of the current date, or another specific time. However, in many cases, when you insert a date into an Excel file, you will see that it does not display as you like. For example, when you write the date as 12/20/2020, Excel displays it again as 20-12-20 or 12-20-20. So why is that? Is this the one Date error in Excel?

Certainly when you first encounter this problem, many people think that this is an error. However it is not an error. And you absolutely can Adjust the date in Excel Let it display as you like. In the content below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share with you details about this issue. You can easily change the date format to a desired style.

Video sharing how to adjust date format in Excel

This video has been uploaded by Do Bao Nam Blog on Youtube channel before. And if you do not know how to adjust the date, you can watch it directly in this video. With different versions of Excel, the adjustments are completely the same. Therefore, you do not need to bother yourself using Excel 2016, 2019 or a certain version. Please watch the video!

Video shared on Youtube channel Do Bao Nam Blog!

How to adjust dates in Excel as a standard display

Suppose when you enter the date that Excel displays as you want. Then you can easily change the display type for the date. You can easily set the display as day / month / year, or month / day / year or day-month-year ...

Step 1: You choose the dates to adjust. You can select a specific cell. Or you can choose both columns, rows ... are fine. Then you move on to step 2.

Step 2: You press Ctrl + 1 to open the Format Cells dialog box. Then, in the Number tab, select Date, then you choose a desired date format. And finally, click OK to adjust the date format.

How to adjust dates in Excel as a standard display
First, you just need to select the date you need to adjust. Then press Ctrl + 1 to open the Font dialog box. And you set the information as shown.

How to adjust the default date in Excel as you like

If you do not want to enter a date each time, you have to spend time adjusting the format, then you can completely set the default date format. This operation is quite simple, you only need a few taps to set it up.

And on different versions of Excel, How to adjust the default date in Excel at will are the same. In essence, you need to adjust the time and date on the system (computer). And you do not need to manipulate anything in Excel software.

To do this, you need access to Control Panel. Then you look to Change date, time, or number formats. Then, you set the default time display for your computer. Then, the time in Excel will display the style you just selected.

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