Guide to upgrade Cloud VPS at TinoHost

Hello everyone, in this article TinoHost will guide you to upgrade Cloud VPS package at TinoHost. You manipulate the steps in the following order:

Login to the customer page at TinoHost

You guys go to the link to login to the service management account at TinoHost

Select Cloud VPS KVM service

You click to select Service

Choose a service Cloud VPS KVM need an upgrade.

Cloud VPS upgrade

Select the item Upgrade / Change service pack to perform VPS upgrade

Cloud VPS upgrade
Cloud VPS upgrade

Select the VPS package to upgrade to your needs.

Example: I choose to upgrade to the package Cloud VPS KVM - VPS 50 GB SSD


At this page you choose Payments and press Pay to pay for your upgrade bill

Note: When upgrading to a higher package. The system will calculate the upgrade cost = The cost to offset the difference between the two packages after and before the upgrade is based on the remaining days of service usage until the next renewal date.

Select the payment to go to the payment gateway.

Update resources (RAM, CPU, Disk, ..) Cloud VPS

When upgrading Cloud VPS service to a higher package, the system will do not self-update resources (RAM, CPU, Disk, ..) of Cloud VPS.

You can SSH into VPS and type the following command to check:

#Kiểm tra dung lượng Disk VPS
df -h
#Kiểm tra dung lượng RAM VPS
free -m

So to update resources REQUIRED to restart VPS by Stop VPS and Start VPS again

When the upgrade is complete you continue to the page My Products / Services. Service check has been updated above Customers page

Stop VPS

You choose a circle, white middle square, red background as shown Stop VPS (stop VPS).

The notification showing the Shutdonw signal has been sent to the VPS

After about 5 seconds. You guys perform Reload website again or click F5 to reload the website.

Start VPS

You choose a circle, white arrow, blue background as shown Start VPS (start VPS).

Notice that the launch of VPS is complete.


You execute SSH back to VPS and type the following command to check:

#Kiểm tra dung lượng Disk VPS
df -h
#Kiểm tra dung lượng RAM VPS
free -m

Example: I checked that the server resource was raised correctly with the package I chose Cloud VPS KVM - VPS 50 GB SSD.

So in this article, TinoHost has guided you through the process of upgrading Cloud VPS at TinoHost.

Good luck.





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