How to sort in Excel ascending or descending

In these Excel synthesis exercises, sorting in Exel is one of the most common problems. Not only that, in fact, sorting in ascending or descending order is also very common. This is a very useful feature in Excel that makes it easy to arrange data rows in Excel as you like.

Like How to sort names by abc in Excel, sorting in ascending or descending order is exactly the same. The only difference is the data type. If sorted by name, the data will be sorted by letter. Meaning that the data type is the Text type. When you get in order, the data type will be different, which is usually a numeric type. So is this difficult? No. of course. And in the content below, Do Bao Nam Blog will share details so you can easily arrange in ascending order in Excel, or descending as you like.

Video how to sort in Excel ascending or descending

With different versions of Excel, this work will be completely similar. So it doesn't matter which version of Excel you use. Because every version is supported by Microsoft.

For example, in this video, Do Bao Nam Blog is using Excel 2019. If you use Excel 2013, 2016 or earlier or newer versions, the operation will be similar. In terms of interface, versions of Excel from 2013 onwards have relatively similar interfaces. Therefore, the operations you perform will be similar.

when the sort by descending or ascending order in Excel, it's important to choose the right data to sort. For example, if you only perform on an independent column, then you only need to select the data as that column. But if the worksheet has many columns that are related to each other, then you need to select the data of the whole table. Meanwhile, the new related data sorted by changes.

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Instructions on how to arrange the order in Excel through illustrations

If the problem requires you to sort in ascending or descending order in Excel, this is fairly straightforward. With only 2 steps, you can quickly complete this request. Just specify the data to be sorted, the steps you follow are as follows:

Step 1: Select the data to sort. If your data is just an independent column, then just highlighting that column is sufficient. But, if your data is a multi-column table and the data is interrelated between columns, then you need to highlight the entire contents of the table. If you do not select the entire table, then after sorting, the data in the table will be incorrect.

Step 2: Sort order in Excel. After performing step 1, you click Data on the menu, and select Sort. Once there, you will see a window Sort appear. At this window, you need to select Sort by is the column to sort. Choose Sort on was Cell Values (sorted by value). And finally, if you want to sort in ascending order, you choose Order is Smallest to Largest. And vice versa, if you want to sort in descending order, you choose Order is Largest to Smallest. Then you click OK, got it Let Excel automatically sort in the order you have set.

Image illustrating the steps to sort in Excel actual

In this picture, Do Bao Nam Blog has numbered the corresponding steps with the above two steps. You just need to notice that you need to arrange in ascending order; or descending to set properly. The steps you can see directly in the illustration below:

Instructions on how to arrange the order in Excel through illustrations
You just need to follow the steps noted by Do Bao Nam Blog in the photo. These steps correspond to the 2 steps above that I have shared.

So above are instructions on how to sort in Excel. You note if at Step 1 If you highlight the column heading, then step 2 you need to check My data has headers. For example, in the table you see in the picture, the title is Item, NCC, Quantity ... And I just blackened the data, leaving this header. So I don't need to check My data has headers.

In case the problem requires an alphabetical arrangement, you need to select the correct column. Then the Sort On section you still choose is Cell Values. And the Order section you can choose A to Z or Z to A depending on the needs.

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