Instructions for using Recuse mode VPS through Tino panel

Recuse mode is a tool on the Tino panel. You can use it to boot VPS enter the Operating System temporarily, to diagnose and resolve the above problems OS main.

These problems are possible include:

  • Diagnose network problems

  • Repair Damaged operating system

  • Repair Firewall configuration error

  • Check disk performance

Perform the test in Mode Recuse mode Help you identify whether the problem is it related to software or hardware.

If you have any online services, mode Recuse mode will interrupt them when the machine is being booted into this mode.

This guide will show you how to reboot VPS in regime Recuse mode.

First, visit the service management page at:


Click to access the VPS service management panel you want to add the ssh key.


You click on Recuse mode to establish.


Enter the root pass and click confirm to turn on the mode Recuse mode.


Now you can connect via SSH with VPS in rescue mode. When these changes have been completed with the mode Recuse modeYou can restart your operating system normally using the command


Good luck.


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