Instructions on how to hide comments on the latest Facebook Fanpage Facebook 2020

Facebook is one of the social networks with a high proportion of current users. Therefore, the privacy and personal security on Facebook are a lot of people interested. Which has the subject hide comments on facebook fanpage. If you are trading, selling, it is very important to protect your privacy. But not everyone knows how to hide comments on facebook. In this article, MarketingAI will write the Guide article how to hide comments on facebook fanpage 2020 latest.

Why hide comments on Fanpage

Why is it needed hide comments on Facebook Fanpage? Obviously, in the era of technological rise, online selling became the first choice of many people. Increased competition leads to many people will find all tricks to be able to rob customers from rivals.

We can see that online shops easily have this loophole. They invest money to make content for Fanpage, run advertising sales but to display comments. This will create opportunities for competitors to take care of customers and close applications on your behalf.

Why hide comments on Fanpage

Your opponent can easily see the interactive comments and "steal" your guests

In another case, a lot of people can pretend to be negative comments, comments under your posts in order to lower the reputation, make your customers bewildered and not buy anymore.

For these reasons, you should find a way hide comments on facebook fanpage to ensure more privacy.

How to hide comments on facebook 2020 fanpage

Overall when you hide comments on facebook fanpage the site administrator will still be able to see these comments. But if you don't want to hide all comments, you can hide them one by one. Here are the steps to hide each comment manually:

Step 1: Firstly you need to access the posts on the fanpage you want to hide.

Step 2: Then choose to click each comment. You will see a 3-dot icon next to each comment. At this point, click on the comment section.

How to hide comments on facebook 2020 fanpage

How to hide all comments on facebook fanpage

With articles running ads, interactive comments of customers asking for prices or asking for product advice will appear with dense frequency. With thousands of comments like this, you can't sit down and click each comment. Here are some ways to hide all comments on the simplest facebook fanpage that you can refer to:

Use the software

ATP Care

This multi-function software helps you hide automated comments and help you focus on customer messages and comments so you can easily control customer information.

Software to hide comments on ATP Care fanpage

How to hide all comments on Fanpage with ATP Care

Sapo GO

This is the software that can be used to automatically hide customer comments on Fanpage. In addition, Sapo Go also helps you manage your business on other exchanges such as Tiki, Sendo, Shopee, Lazada ...

Software to hide comments on the Sapo Go fanpage


OCM is known as one of the most popular sales management applications today due to many advanced features. The software also allows to hide guest comments automatically.

Software for hiding comments on OCM fanpage

Use features of Facebook

You can hide comments on facebook fanpage with comments containing pre-installed characters. This way, you do not need to search each comment or hide all comments, just choose to display the comment content you want.

Step 1: Access the fanpage as the highest administrator rights.

Step 2: Into the "Setting" on Page and select the item Page moderation.

Hide comments in facebook fanpage settings

You can use the way to hide Facebook comments on your phone or computer

Step 3: Choose Edit in section Page moderation at the Settings window.

Block characters and words from appearing

Step 4: Here you add the words you want to hide such as phone numbers, emails, phrases such as "advice, check inbox, ..." to avoid competitors can see your guests. Next press Save changes to complete the operation.

Or if there are negative, obscene comments, you can choose the level of censorship of comments on Facebook, words that lack culture will hide themselves.


So, how to hide comments on Facebook Fanpage There will be three ways you can refer to it is manually hiding comments, hiding automatically with facebook feature or hiding with software tool. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages with different practices.

The above are guidelines that MarketingAI can help you find how to hide comments on Facebook 2020 Fanpage in the most detailed way. Good luck!

Hai Yen - MarketingAI


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