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Have you ever signed up for a service from an app you download on the App Store, or signed up to try Apple's free services? Or maybe you want to cancel the trial package right after signing up so that you won't forget it later and will be charged unjustly. Whether you want to unsubscribe from a free trial from an Apple app or services, in this article I'll show you how.

Signing up for monthly / paid services through your Apple ID can be very convenient, but it's also easy to forget what you signed up for, resulting in a monthly deduction. Wrong money but don't remember what I signed up for.

One thing that not everyone knows for sure, is that even if you sign up for a free trial of a service, like Apple Music, Apple TV + or other apps, you can cancel the subscription immediately. immediate, but still has a full free trial period.

For example, I subscribed to Apple's 1-month free trial of Apple Music on September 1, and then I canceled the package immediately so that I won't be charged for the next month, as a result, I still have access. to Apple Music until September 30, after this date, you will no longer have access and you will not be deducted 59,000 VND for October.

Saying so for your peace of mind is that after signing up for the trial, we can completely cancel the trial package right away to not be charged for renewal. I see a lot of friends being "lured" by applications to try the service package, then forgot to cancel the renewal, so every month, they will be charged unjustly.

Apple usually rarely refunds you in case you buy In-App-Purchase packages like this, so you must actively cancel before the renewal date. If you buy an app or game and want a refund, it's very simple, follow this tutorial: How to request a refund for an app or game in the App Store

How to check and cancel subscriptions on iPhone and iPad

first. Open App Store up, Click on the avatar window in the top right corner.

2. Click Registration (Subscriptions).


3. You will now see all subscriptions in the section Work (Active) and Expired (Expired) in your Apple ID account.

4. Tap the service pack you want to cancel.

5. Choose Free trial cancellation (Cancel Free Trial) or Unsubscribe (Cancel Subscriptions).

6. Press Confirm (Confirm) to complete the cancellation process.


When you cancel your subscription or free trial, Apple will let you know how long you can use it (for a paid or free trial period).

If you have multiple Apple IDs, don't forget to check them all.

Alternatively, if you don't see your subscription but still have a charge, you can contact Apple support at 1800 1127 (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) or passed Apple support website.


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