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On iOS 14, Apple has added an interesting feature that has been around for a long time on the iPad - that is Picture-in-Picture (Picture in picture), lets you view videos as thumbnails anywhere, from your home screen to in apps on your iPhone.

Picture-in-Picture originally also works with YouTube web-version videos, but YouTube recently blocked the feature because it conflicts with a paid YouTube Premium feature. That is why those who have been on iOS 14 can no longer watch YouTube videos as thumbnails.

However, there is also a way for us to use the Picture-in-Picture feature with YouTube videos through shortcuts, you even have more customization for the video such as adjusting playback speed, resolution. , fast forward 10 seconds,… Don't wait long, let's get started with our tutorial below.

Watch YouTube videos as Picture-in-Picture

first. First you have to download the shortcut YouTube PiP and applications Scriptable Go to the link below:

For YouTube PiP shortcuts, after clicking the download link above, you will be redirected to the RoutineHub page, click on the "Get Shortcut" button to download the shortcut.

Note: On iOS 13 and above Apple has restricted allowing users to install external shortcuts on the device. But it's not impossible, you just need to turn on an option named Shortcuts are not trusted (Untrusted Shortcuts) in Settings - Shortcuts (Settings - Shortcuts) You can install it.

More details you can see the article: How to install 'Untrusted shortcuts' on iOS 13

2. After successfully installing the shortcut and having the Scriptable app preloaded, go ahead open the video you want to watch as Pinture-in-Picture in the YouTube app up.

3. Click Share - swipe left and select the Add button.

4. The share sheet will appear, now you need it select the YouTube PiP shortcut that you have downloaded above.

5. Press "OK" when the shortcut asks for permission to access the Scriptable application.

6. You will be transferred to the Scriptable application to run the necessary scripts, wait a moment for the video to start playing as a Picture-in-Picture miniature video.

The great thing about this shortcut not only helps you watch YouTube videos in PiP mode, but it also allows you to customize how fast or slow the video is played, choose the resolution for the video, fast forward or rewind. 10 seconds.

Note: You must not click "Close" in the upper left corner, if you click, the video will also lose it.

7. You can now swipe back to the home screen and your video will continue to be played as a minimized window. You can enlarge / reduce it as you like, or hide it to the edge of the screen. More details you can see the article: How to use the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature in iOS 14

Listen to YouTube music even when screen is off

Not stopping there, when the video is in Picture-in-Picture mode, you can turn off the screen, then turn it on again and press the play button (triangle) to Continue listening to music from YouTube videos even when screen off. Isn't it great?

Error shortcut? Inactive?

If in the process of using the shortcut you get an error, please Report bugs to me by commenting right below ok, I will try to fix it or find another shortcut as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy this article. If you need another keyboard shortcut, let me know, and I'll look for it and write you instructions.


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