6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone

Display battery percentage on widget bar

As you all know, on iOS 14 Apple has introduced the customizable widget. Including a very cool widget that helps you easily display the battery percentage. To display, press and hold the home screen to launch the main screen editing interface, then tap the + button in the upper right corner.

Navigate to the Battery section.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 1

Select a widget that shows the right battery percentage for you then press the button Add widgets.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 2

You now have a great battery widget on your home screen.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 3

Show battery percentage with 3rd widget

The built-in battery widget on iOS 14 has one drawback: when the Apple Watch device is worn, there is no way to separately display the battery percentage of the iPhone device. Use Battery Widget & Usage Monitor app to replace built-in battery widget.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 4

After installing the Battery Widget & Usage Monitor widget and opening it, remember to click on the "x" in the upper left corner to avoid falling into the in-app purchase trap. In the full version, in addition to showing the battery percentage, this can also display screen brightness, device capacity and memory, even the color of the custom theme.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 5

Also, add Battery + on the widget according to your preference.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 6

The largest widget can display four types of system information at the same time (battery, power, capacity, memory) and it can also be set separately. This is more suitable for users who only buy an iPhone and only need to know the battery percentage of an iPhone device.

Show battery percentage via Siri

There's a little-known way to show battery percentage, and that's using Siri. You can query directly through Siri by issuing the command: "Hey Siri, How many batteries are left?". Here is the result:

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 7

Display battery percentage from Control Center

The question of how to see the battery percentage on the iPhone X seems simple, but it is a problem in the design of the iPhone X. If on other iPhones you can turn on the percentage of battery easily by going to Settings > Battery > turn on the item Battery Percentage Up, there is absolutely no entry on the iPhone X. The reason is because the "rabbit ears" interface makes the top part of the iPhone X unable to display fully, and Apple chooses another way to show battery percentage on the iPhone X.

Show battery percentage on iPhone X

Thankfully, you can see the battery percentage at a glance by placing your finger on the battery icon and dragging your finger downwards to turn on Control Center. You will now see the battery percentage in the upper right corner. After watching, turn off Control Center by swiping up again. That's all.

It seems Apple has had to work very hard to help experience "rabbit ears" better. Although still supports the battery percentage, but this method seems to still dislike it by being displayed on the screen. However, if you choose to use the iPhone X you must accept it.

The method of showing the percentage of old batteries

For old iPhone devices iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 and above, these models do not have a "rabbit ears" design, so there will be more More space on the top status bar. If battery percentage is not shown, you can turn on battery percentage in iOS settings.

6 ways to show battery percentage on iPhone 8

Please take a few Setting > The battery > turn on the item Batery percent up is okay.

Show battery percentage when plugged in

There is a default method that displays the old battery percentage on the iPhone, which is to plug in the phone charger. When your iPhone starts to charge, it will show the current battery percentage on the screen.


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