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In any case you are forced to reset your iPhone to fix problems or system errors but do not want to lose data, to do that, the following article will guide you how to reset iPhone no data loss is simple but the most effective.

By reset iPhone can help fix application crashes, freezes on the device, 0 byte errors, as well as errors, problems related to sound, camera,…. In the following article, will guide you How to Reset iPhone without data loss.

How to reset iphone without data loss Instructions on how to reset iPhone without data loss

Method 1: Backup data on iCloud, iTunes before reset

If you choose the option Erase All Content and Settings To reset your iPhone, this process will wipe all data as well as settings on the iPhone, including apps, photos, videos, messages,….

So to avoid losing precious data, before performing iPhone reset, recommends that you back up your data on iCloud and iTunes.

Manually reset the iPhone without data loss

1. Backup data on iCloud

To back up data on iCloud, follow the steps below:

Step 1: access Settings (settings) =>icloud =>Backup (backup).
Step 2: Activate option iCloud backup (iCloud backup).

2. Backup data on iTunes

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable, then open iTunes.
Step 2: On the iTunes window, find and select your iPhone, then under Backups, click select Back Up Now.

After resetting your iPhone to its factory default state, you can now restore your data from a backup created on iCloud or iTunes.

3. Recover iPhone data from iCloud backup

Step 1: Plug in the iPhone charger and connect the device to Wifi.
Step 2: Access App & Data (application & data) =>Restore from iCloud Backup (restore from iCloud backup).
Step 3: Sign in your iCloud account.
Step 4: Select the backup from the list and wait until the restore is complete.

4. Recover iPhone data from iTunes backup

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer and open iTunes.
Step 2: Choose your device from the list in iTunes.
Step 3: In the item Summary, Select iPhone backup to restore.

How to reset iPhone without data loss - Anh Dung SEO

Step 4: Click to select Restore Backup to restore the backup.

Method 2: Use the Reset All Settings option to reset iPhone without data loss

In addition to the above, another way to reset iPhone without data loss is to use options Reset All Settings (reset all settings). This option will erase the default settings on iPhone without losing other data.

Follow the steps below:

On your iPhone, access Settings (settings) =>General (general settings) =>Reset (reset) =>Reset All Settings (reset all settings).

How to reset iPhone without data loss - Anh Dung SEO

Above are 2 ways to reset iPhone without data loss. Also if there are any questions or questions that need answers such as How to restore iPhone data after restore How, readers can leave their comments in the comments below the article.


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