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Installation Instructions checkra1n on a laptop Windows (using tool checkn1x).


- .iso file of checkn1x (~ 110Mb):
checkn1x will be updated almost immediately after checkingra1n a new version so you don't need to worry about the tool not being updated. Currently checkn1x is running checkra1n 0.10.1, supporting iOS 13.4 & 13.4.1

=> When downloading, there will be 2 versions. Please choose the version amd64 (The remaining version for very old machines can only run win 32bit)

- Tools Rufus To create a bootable USB, you should use the Rufus Portable for convenience:
- 1 USB at least 512MB.
- And a little focus: v


- There are many ways to runcheckra1non Windows:ra1nusb,bootra1n, ...checkn1xJust one of those ways. You can choose any tool.
- Here I seecheckn1xvery simple and lightweight (~ 110Mb) so I would like to share with you.

- If there is an error then read to the end of the article to see if the error can be fixed. If still not, you can go to the iOS CodeVn group for help (

B1: Create bootable USB checkra1n:
- Plug the USB into the computer, copy important information from the USB, because creating a bootable USB will have to reformat the USB.
- Open Rufus:
+) Section "Device": select the USB to be created.

+) Section "Boot Selection": leave "Disk or ISO image" => click "Select" and then select the .iso file of checkn1x downloaded earlier.

- Other items are as default. Then press "Start".

- Rufus will show a popup as shown in the picture, choose "No"

- In the next message, choose "OK"

- Finally, a popup warning that the USB creation will lose all data. Press "OK" to start Rufus working.

- The USB boot creation process takes about 3-5 minutes. After showing "Ready" as shown in the image, it has successfully created USB.

B2: Boot into USB boot to run checkra1n.
- After successfully creating the USB, reboot your computer and Boot into the created USB. For different models, the shortcut keys on the Boot Option are different. You can refer here:

- My computer uses HP, the Boot button is F9, then move to the previously created USB and press "Enter".

- At this point the USB will run on its own, you don't need to do anything.

- And finally the results.

B3: Turn off the phone.
- After a successful jailbreak. You press "Quit" in checkra1n then type the command shutdown to turn off the machine.


Common errors as shown in the image below

Way 1: Check if your computer has booted USB in the bios or not? (Newer machines are almost always powered on.) If you are Disable, please Enable it. You can find the instructions on google or refer here:

Method 2: Create USB boot again but the "Partition scheme ” convert from MBR to GPT

Method 3: Use BalenaEtcher create USB instead Rufus

- Download link BalenaEtcher here:

- Create bootable USB with BalenaEtcher even simpler than using Rufus

  • Select the iso file of checkn1x.
  • Select the USB to create.
  • Flash.

=> Done!

- However, I have tested it BalenaEtcher on my 2 USB flash drives and after creating a bootable USB, they will reduce the capacity from 16gb to ~ 2gb (don't understand why). If you need to copy heavy files, follow the instructions below to get back the standard USB capacity

=> That's why I use it Rufus instead of BalenaEtcher. But if Rufus can't then accept it.

Good luck.

Dat Nguyen - iOS CodeVN

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