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It is like that unc0ver released version 4.0.0 that supports jailbreak iOS 13.0-13.3 (A12-A13 devices). This article will guide you yourself sideload unc0ver with AltStore if the certificate of free sites is revoked.


- Computer running Windows 7,8,10,… 64 bit. The best is Windows 10 64 bit.
- iTunes from Apple, DO NOT USE iTunes from the Microsoft Store:
=> scroll down, select Windows => there will be download link for 64 bit Windows.

- iCloud for Windows, DO NOT USE iCloud for Windows from the Microsoft Store:
- AtlServer on PC, download here:
- .iPA file unc0ver need to download here: (this will download on your phone, not on your computer).
- 1 Apple ID, secondary ID should be used.


B1: Install the necessary tools.

- Setting iTunes, icloud and setup file in the installation directory of AltStore.
- Note: Once iCloud is installed, you will need to restart your device, you should not restart immediately, but open the installation folder AltStore install the "setup" file to save the need to reboot many times.
- After restarting, sign in to iCloud for Windows with Apple ID prepared previously. Then don't care about iCloud anymore.

B2: Install AltServer.

- After restarting the device, AltServer will run automatically (the icon is in the right corner of the screen). If not, open AltServer yourself.

- Plug the phone into the computer.
- Choose "Install AltStore"=> Your iPhone's name….

- A bulletin board appears, enter the pre-prepared ID and select "Install", then a message pops up, just press "OK"

- Notice appears that AltStore is being installed:

- And so you have installed AltStore on your phone.

B3: Self sideload unc0ver on the phone.

- First, go to "General Settings" => "Configuration" => Trust the installed configuration.
- Now go to the main screen, open AltSrore, select the tab “Settings”, select “Sign in with Apple ID” and log in again with the prepared apple ID.

- Open safari, access to download .iPA's unc0ver latest (v4.0.0).

- After downloading. make the option open in "AltStore".

- Wait a while for AltStore to work ... ..

- And this is the result

3. Attention.

- unc0ver and also AltStore There is a period of 7 days. However, AltStore will automatically refresh the app when you connect to wifi with wifi of the computer running AltServer. To do this, you need to enable the "Sync this iPhone over wifi" feature in iTunes. => Now when the phone connects to the wifi with the computer running AltServer, AltStore will automatically refresh the app to avoid the 7 day expiration of the app (no need to plug the phone into the laptop). If you are worried, you can also completely refresh the app manually.

- You don't have to be Patron of the AltStore to sideload yourself unc0ver.

Instruction video:

Good luck.

Dat Nguyen - iOS CodeVN

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