Summary of a few common errors and how to fix errors when updating iOS 14

If you have updated iOS 14 to the latest version for your device, you must be facing some annoying errors such as: Losing Lien Quan game, unable to add widgets, draining battery power. So you know how to fix these errors yet? With MAC refer to the instructions in the article below!

1. Cannot add or edit widgets

Widget is a new update, marking the first time Apple officially brings widget windows to the iPhone screen with iOS 14. Allows users to create their own, more diverse beauty homescreen.

Therefore, the widget design on the iPhone suddenly became a trend and many users enjoyed updating to iOS 14. However, a few users complained because their widget encountered an error. Application downloaded to the screen cannot be displayed as a widget or as blank.

Widgets cannot be added or edited

How to fix it: You access a pre-downloaded application and perform the necessary actions to start the feature. Then go back to the widget list to check because sometimes some applications need you to set up first and then activate the widget.

If you do not use the widget for a while, open the device to use it, you see that the widget frame is white or has an error, you should also go back to the application and then exit.

2. Error when playing Lien Quan Mobile game when updating iOS 14

Many of you are playing the game Lien Quan Mobile delicious peach branches on the iPhone, when upgrading to iOS 14, the situation is splashed on the main screen when playing.

How to fix it: Turn on gaming mode

To enter Setting > Accessibility > Turn on the switch in item Guided access. Then a new menu will appear, click on Set up a password > Set the Guided Access passcode.


Error when playing Lien Quan Mobile game when updating iOS 14

Access the game Lien Quan and press 3 times on the power button (for iPhone x and above) or 3 times on the home button (with iPhone 8 and earlier).

So you can temporarily lock the screen only for machines running each Lien Quan app and focus on playing without worrying about compat anymore.


Turn on gaming mode

To turn off this feature, repeat the previous operation, triple-press the power button (for iPhone x and above) or 3 times on the home button (with iPhone 8 and earlier). Enter your passcode and click Finish.

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3. Picture in Picture cannot be used on Youtube

Picture in Picture is also an interesting feature that users wait for when updating to iOS 14 to be able to watch Youtube more convenient. However, at the present time, not all accounts are able to experience, update to a new version but still do not have to use.


Picture in Picture error on Youtube

How to fix it:

  • Using Shortcuts: You can try using Shortcuts to do this.

  • Using Safari: Access Youtube using Safari, currently Youtube has updated the Picture in Picture feature for people on the web.


How can fix it

Access Safari > type Youtube > Open any video > Zoom out the screen > click PiP icon in the left corner of the screen.

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4. Battery drain error fast

Low battery on phone is always a problem, there are many different reasons. Some users criticized the iOS 14 update which causes the battery on their phones to drain faster.

If you feel your device is draining the battery quickly and continuously, you should pay attention to check whether the maximum capacity of the battery on the device will decrease over time. To enter: Setting > The battery > Battery status to check if your battery is degraded.


Battery fast error

Before the patch, you try hard to "live with floods" by applying some small changes in usage habits such as:

  • Turn off background app refresh, go to: Setting > General settings > Refresh the background app.

  • Turn off location services in the app, go to: Setting > Privacy > Location services.

  • Or more simply, switch Low power mode, to enter: Setting > The battery.

5. The device randomly reboots when updating iOS 14

After updating to iOS 14, the phone started experiencing random reboots.

Workaround: Try updating all of your apps again to see if that's okay. If you do not lose anything, I think you should bring the device to warranty or go to reputable and quality repair shops to check, do not let the situation go on.

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6. Update to the latest version

Most importantly, Apple has updated the iOS 14.0.1 update to fix some bugs on the official version of iOS 14 before. So if you have already been to iOS 14 but have not yet updated, you should quickly upgrade to the new version to improve the status of the device.


Update to the latest version

To enter: Setting > General settings > Software updates > Download and install.

To iOS 14 can help you fix errors such as:

  • Disconnect wifi,

  • Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, ...

  • Error changing default apps after restarting

  • Top Stories by Apple News widget is blank

  • The iPhone 7's camera viewfinder is now black

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Although updating iOS 14 you will experience many interesting features, especially the ability to customize the interface, but the update cannot avoid some errors. Hopefully after this article you will have more knowledge to quickly handle the above problem. Good luck!


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