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As you all know, Youtube is the largest video sharing social network in the world today, belonging to Google Group. Here, you can easily upload your videos, or upload the videos you like to your computer or phone in a very simple way.

More specifically, you can also make some decent profits from Youtube if your channel has a lot of views and lots of subscribers.

In the video you watch, if you see the ad, you usually see the words every 5 seconds Bỏ qua quảng cáo or Skip Ad and you just need to click on it to skip it.

And banner ads are not a problem, because it does not affect too much of the viewer experience.

To be honest, advertising on video is a completely normal thing, that is the effort, the result of the Video creators they deserve.

With the 5s video insertion, you have to watch the full ad to watch the video. OK, got it no problem. If that video has 1-2 video commercials, it can be said to be acceptable.

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However, many people abuse ads on their videos. This is really frustrating for viewers ..

If you've ever encountered a movie or video for a long time that the ad keeps appearing and you constantly have to wait to click to skip the ad, that's very annoying. .

Especially with music videos, many people often have the habit of listening to music on Youtube to relax their minds. But every time an ad appeared, it was so relaxing. At that time, I just turned it off and the clip of the debt went away.


If you are tired of having to click through ads too many times, this article will be a great solution for you there.

In this article, I will introduce you to a number of Google Chrome extensions, so you can automatically skip ads whenever you watch videos on Youtube. Stay tuned.

I. Summary of good YouTube ad blocking utilities

In this article, I will summarize the best YouTube video ad blocking utilities, in addition to the ones I introduce in this article, if you are using any other effective gadgets, Do not forget to share again for you to use offline.

#first. Block ads on Yotube with Youtube Ads Skipper

The first is the utility named Youtube Ads Skipper, To install this utility, please click come in => Then click Thêm vào Chrome to start using the utility.


Once the extension has been installed, it will have a YouTube-like icon on the toolbar (top right corner of the web browser).

Now the extension will automatically work without activation and it cannot be disabled unless you remove it from Chrome.

To manage extensions on Google Chrome you access this address (want to turn off, delete .. whatever you like):

chrome: // extensions /

#2. YouTube Video Ad Blocker Skip Video Trigger

To install this utility, you need to click come in => select Add to Chrome => then select continue Add Extension to install this add-on into your web browser.

chan-quang-tren-youtube-3 (3)

After installing the utility will automatically work, and if you want to disable it, you just need to Click on the green icon on the right corner of the screen => and switch ON => OFF is oke offline!

chan-quang-tren-youtube (4)

# 3. Video Adblocker for YouTube: Ad blocking utility

Next is a utility called Video Adblocker for Youtube, to install this utility you need to click come in => and select Add to chrome => select Add Extension to complete and use.

chan-quang-tren-youtube (5)

Like other utilities, after installation it will automatically work without activation. To disable the feature of this utility you need Click on the icon of YAB on the toolbar and select Enable.


Especially this utility not only helps you automatically skip ads when watching Youtube, but it also helps block pop-up ads or text on YouTube as well.

# 4. Block ads with YouTube Ad Auto-skipper

The fourth utility I would recommend for you is Youtube Ad Auto-Shipper.

To install it, click on it this link => select Add to Chrome => select Add extension to complete!


# 5. Block ads on Youtube with YouTube Autoclose Ads

Next is the utility YouTube AutoClose Ads, To install this utility, click come in => then select Add to Chrome => and select Add Extension to complete the installation.


After installing the utility will automatically operate without your permission. Especially when using this utility, you can also set the time to skip ads that you want.

To do that, click on the icon Youtube Autoclose Ads on the toolbar => Then select Options

chan-quang-tren-youtube (9)

And choose the time you want => finally choose Save to complete.

chan-quang-tren-youtube (10)

# 6. Update some other ad blocking utilities on Youtube

In addition to the utilities I mentioned above, there are a few other utilities that I would recommend to you as:

  1. Kip Ads
  2. Youtube Ad Skipper
  3. YouTube Skip Ads
  4. Youtube Ads Skipper

=> You can refer to and use if you like.

II. Epilogue

So I have introduced to you a lot of support utilities block ads on Youtube and help you Automatically skip advertisements when watching videos on Youtube Alright then.

You can refer, try to choose the appropriate utility ha. Do not forget to visit support blogchiasekienthuc.com for more useful tips and knowledge. Good luck !

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