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In this article, TTJB continues to share with you the recent outstanding tweaks for you to choose from and try, let's explore.

The most prominent tweaks

AltDaemon - Dynastic Repo

With a new add-on for jailbroken devices called AltDaemon, you can install, update and manage your loaded apps without needing a computer.

This add-on works with AltStore, a popular tool for installing apps on jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices with just your Apple ID, and it makes using jailbreaks as non-binding as Odyssey and unc0ver are much more convenient like using the popular ReProvision add-on.

AltDaemon is provided for free on Dynastic source if you want to use it and this is really the tweak you need if you are using Altstore.

iGotBlind - Miro92's Repo

Some people's home screens are more cluttered than others, and some are so discrete that you can't even remember where certain app icons are located to use them.

iGotBlind is the ultimate solution for disorganization, allowing you to locate app icons on your Home screen by simply searching for the app you want through Spotlight search, then using 3D gestures Touch / Haptic Touch to 'find' the icon and take you straight to it.

If you want to try iGotBlind, you can download it from Miro92's source (

LS Contacts - $ 1.49 - Packix

LS Contacts is a very cool Lock Screen customization tweak that allows you to access your favorite contacts without having to unlock your device.

This tweak is useful for you to access your favorite contacts even if your hands are too dirty to use your device. Furthermore, it has a lot of customization options for you to install.

Tweak is sold for $ 1.49 on Packix source if you are interested and want to use.

Other recently released tweaks

Note: The tweaks are written with the source name and price (no price means free) next to the name tweak, for sources that have not been introduced in TTJB's source synthesis article, you will see the source link in Description tweak.

Dock Indicators - Packix

Bring macOS-inspired running app indicators into the iPhone Dock

LangSwipe - Miro92's

Easily change the keyboard input language just by swiping down on the keyboard

Lynx - $ 1.5 - Twickd

The all-in-one tweak for device customization as well as enhancement for a number of popular applications.

Volume Controller - Bigboss

Change the appearance of the volume control panel with different skins and customization.


Have you seen any tweak you want or have "hooked up" to buy tweaks you like? Leave your comments below the comments to share with TTJB and everyone.




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