What is a Trezor wallet? Instructions for installing and using (details)

In this article, I will show you how to install and use the Trezor wallet in as much detail as possible.

But before I get started, I want to emphasize that this article is for:

  • Brothers want to store cryptocurrencies for a long time (usually 1 year large).
  • You must have a basic knowledge of Private Key / Seed Phrase security and be aware of its importance.
  • Proficient use of mobile storage wallets such as Coin98 Wallet, Trust Wallet ...

If you have not experienced the Mobile wallet proficiency, you should download Coin98 wallet and experience before deciding to buy Trezor wallet and store cryptocurrency for a long time.

Brothers refer to the article: Coin98 Wallet - What is Coin98 Wallet? How to use Coin98 Wallet

OK, got it Let's get started.

Trezor is one of the hardware wallets used to store popular cryptocurrencies. The wallet was developed by SatoshiLabs and released its first product in 2014.

Review Trezor wallet (Model T)

SatoshiLabs released two Trezor product lines: Trezor One (2014) and Trezor Model T (2018).

Therefore, I will guide you the latest product line - Trezor Model T.


  • Compact design.
  • Support more than 1000+ cryptocurrencies.
  • High security.
  • Open source (Open Source).


  • The price is quite high compared to the common ground ($ 165).
  • Touch screen on wallet difficult to manipulate.

Instructions for installing Trezor wallet (Model T)

Check the device before installation

When you buy the Trezor Model T hardware wallet, open it to check if you have all four components:

  • 01 Trezor Model T device (with 01 USB cable).
  • 01 instruction book
  • 02 paper cards "Recovery Phrase Cards". Attention: If there is a word written on it, please immediately notify the support team for assistance.
  • A few other accessories such as: Dock, Sticker, Lanyard ....

Then, you carefully check the anti-counterfeiting stamps on Trezor Model T.

If you do not have any problems, you can proceed to install the Trezor wallet with the instructions below.

Install Trezor Model T wallet

The installation process for the Trezor Model T wallet is quite simple and only takes about 15 minutes of the brothers only. Include the following steps:

Step 1: Activate the device

To begin the installation process, you need to connect the Trezor Model T device to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

Then the brothers visit the site trezor.io/start and select "Trezor Model T"> "Continue to Wallet".

Step 2: Update the Firmware

After being led to Wallet.Trezor.io, you wait for Trezor Wallet to identify the device.

Once the identification has been confirmed, Trezor Wallet will ask you to update the Firmware for the device.

You just need to click on "Install Firmware" and wait for the installation process to finish.

Step 3: Create a Trezor wallet

After successfully updating the Firmware, you need to create a Trezor wallet by clicking: Create New> Continue to the Wallet.

Step 4: Save 12 recovery words

This is an extremely step IMPORTANT, regarding your assets, so watch carefully.

Note: Trezor Model T has only 12 recovery words and no longer uses the 24 words as before.

To start storing 12 recovery words, you press the button “Create a backup in 3 minutes” as shown below.

Then, you check on the device Trezor will appear a message as shown below and press "I UnderStand".

Immediately, Trezor will show you the first 4 recovery words for you to record (remember to remember each letter and the order of each word).

After finishing the first 4 words, you press the word Swipe on the device to continue to the next 4 words.

The repetition comes from the 12th recorded.

Important: These 12 words, brothers ABSOLUTE Do not lose or let others know.

After that, you just need to press and hold on the word "Hold to Confirm" to confirm completion of saving 12 recovery words.

Step 5: Name the wallet Trezor

After making a backup of 12 recovery words, the Trezor wallet asks you to set a name for the device.

You name your device on the computer screen and click "Confirm to Continue" is done.

Step 6: Set the PIN code

This is an important step, brother attention KHAD FORGET PIN of the device.

After naming is done, you look at the Trezor device. At this time, there will be a notice you need to set a new PIN for the device.

You check the GREEN box to set a new PIN.

Then, you set a PIN for the device (PIN minimum is 4 to 9 digits) and press the GREEN button.

After setup is complete, the device needs you to confirm the PIN just created again.

Thus, you have completed the installation for the Trezor Model T wallet device.

Instruction for using Trezor wallet (Model T)

Familiarize yourself with the Trezor wallet interface

After the device has been installed, you can use the Trezor wallet to receive and send money.

Below is the interface of Trezor wallet:

Cryptocurrencies: This is the menu for you to choose different cryptocurrencies.

Select device: This is a selection area for devices to use in case you use multiple Trezor devices at the same time.

Choose Account: This is where you manipulate issues related to the account such as create, delete, select the account you are using.

Main operating area: This is the area you manipulate to receive, transfer, buy, sell, trade and check transactions.

Installation area: This is an area for setting up issues related to your wallet, such as changing your PIN, labeling, usage tips and support center.

Instructions to receive & transfer Bitcoin from Trezor wallet

The receipt and transfer of coins is quite similar, so I will take Bitcoin as a model. Other coins you do the same.

Get Bitcoin:

Right at the interface of Trezor wallet, you just choose the cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Then, select the account in the left hand corner of the screen and click on the "Receive" tab at the top.

Bitcoin wallet address will be displayed, you click "Show full address" to see the entire wallet address character.

After that, you need to check if the wallet address is correct with the Bitcoin wallet address on your Trezor device?

If that's correct, you can use that wallet address to receive Bitcoin.

Transfer Bitcoin from Trezor wallet:

At the interface of Trezor wallet, you choose Bitcoin and choose the account to use on the left.

Then, select the "Send" tab at the top.

At this time, an interface will appear:

  • Address: Enter the recipient's Bitcoin address.
  • Amount: Enter the amount of BTC you want to transfer.
  • Fee: Transaction fee to default or edit depending on the brother.

After completing, you press "SEND".

At that moment, your Trezor device will display a message to confirm a Bitcoin transfer.

Is it your job to verify that the recipient's Bitcoin address on the device and the recipient's Bitcoin address are correct?

If so, press the green button.

The Trezor device will then display the details of the transaction, including quantity and transaction fee.

You only need to hold for a while in the "Hold to confirm" box to transfer your Bitcoin will be successfully completed.

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At the end of this article, I hope that the newly-introduced cryptocurrency market can install and use the Trezor Model T storage device by themselves.

If you have any questions when installing, please leave a comment below so that the Coin98 team can assist you as soon as possible.

Hello and see you again in the next article.


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