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Airi is one of the three most mobile generals in the Federation of Mobile, and was once in Treasure.

This is also a gladiator with a tendency to kill with Long Sword to help sweep and open the fight very strongly. So today I invite you to to learn about this champion!

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#first. General Airi's tactics

Like many other generals, Airi possesses 4 skills including 3 skills and intrinsic. Airi's moves do not consume any energy, so use them without worrying about running out of energy.

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Airi is considered to be the perfect general thanks to the ability to be able to reach both physical justice but also very respectable. Not only that, Airi has both hard control and maneuverability.

So since its debut, Airi has been trusted by the players. The sharp passive helps Airi reduce the cooldown of skill 1 thanks to hand attack.

Not only that, 3 times surfing from Sword Dance with good terrain ability, it is very difficult for anyone to escape Airi's reach.

Thanks to that, Airi easily escaped from fighting. The ultimate of Blade Dance gives Airi the ability to buff his armor and speed up his run. So use the right timing to track down your prey or run away.

Here is the order of increasing skills for Airi:

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#2. Jewel and Built tables equip General Airi

2.1. Jade General Airi table

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Please pay attention to yourself Physical justice and Pierce.

  • Ruby: 10 physical exercises.
  • Purple gem: 10 members Critical / Blood ratio.
  • Emerald: 10 Physical attacks / Piercing armor.

Because Airi is a gladiator who tends to assassinate, I pressed pearls to increase her stiffness.

2.2. Built equip General Airi

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  1. Frequent break: Helps increase the ability to deal damage and penetrate armor early in the match. Also has additional running speed when leaving the fight.
  2. Thick resilience: Increases movement speed and effect resistance.
  3. Icy Capes: Causes the opponent to slow down when activating the passive of the equipment. At the same time strengthening Airi's hand attack.
  4. Troy Medal: Gives Airi plenty of health and magic resistance.
  5. Fennir's fangs: Help increase physical strength for Airi to catch the main force easily.
  6. Guardian armor: This is a built-in item that cannot be ignored for all champions. With the ability to revive from intrinsic makes Airi easily escape when being chased.

If the expiry date is over, you can sell the Guardian Armor to the wrathful Hecules Gloves.

# 3. Play and complement General Airi

  • For this girl, there are 2 main gameplay styles:
  • One is going to the jungle with chanting magic.
  • The second way is to go to the evil god with complementary breakout.

3.1. Airi goes to the jungle

With high mobility, Airi in the forest position is very virtual and can go to gank support teammates very quickly.

Especially with the ability that does not need energy when using the technique to help Airi when traveling in the forest can give Blue to the main force with little effect on this girl.

So when you go to the forest, pay attention to eat Blue buff in the early stages, and in the middle and at the end of the game, you should give way to the main!

3.2. Going solo on the road to evil god

With the ability to poke and passive reduce cooldown of skill 1, you try to poke the opponent a lot. Go gank support Mid and forest roads to make teammates easier to play.

And remember to push your troops high to avoid losing unwanted towers. And finally, be calm, avoid the gloom to easily win!

# 4. Epilogue

So I have introduced and basically instructed you about General Airi in Mobile Alliance. Hope you guys climb the rank very well and always support! Thank you, cordial and goodbye.

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