Bitcoin price today (February 14): The market is red on Valentine's Day

In the past hours, after reaching the threshold of $ 10,500, the price of bitcoin has been pulled back to the threshold of $ 10,200.

This is the third time of the week that the bulls failed to move to $ 10,500, while bitcoin fell slightly, the altcoin market also fell into decline.

Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours
Bitcoin price movement over the past 24 hours

Bitcoin exchange rate Today (February 14) recorded at 9.35 am at US $ 10,255, down 1.67% from the previous 24 hours.

Over the past 24 hours, the highest bitcoin price recorded at $ 10,516 and the lowest of $ 10,097. Bitcoin's market capitalization is recorded at $ 186 billion, accounting for 61.8% of the total market value.

On the market, there are 72/100 falling cryptocurrencies compared to the last 24 hours. The biggest loser in the market today is Hedera Hashgraph, down 22.76%.

Overview of the cryptocurrency market
Overview of the cryptocurrency market

Among the top 10 leading cryptocurrencies by market value, 9/10 have depreciated compared to the previous 24 hours.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization
Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

The total market capitalization of the digital currency recorded at 9.35am at 301.19 billion USD, down 4 billion USD from the previous 24 hours.

Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies
Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies

The volume of 24-hour transactions in the market increased sharply to 187.30 billion USD, an increase of 21 billion USD compared to February 13.

New cooperation allows institutional investors to participate in the OTC market

B2C2 loan and liquidity service provider is partnering with SFOX, a U.S. digital currency company dedicated to institutional investors, according to a statement on February 12.

The partnership aims to enable SFOX customers (including asset managers, family offices and high-income individuals) to participate in an extensive liquidity network and OTC free market for prices. Better than B2C2 through a single door.

B2C2 is the first free trading organization to be added to the SFOX platform. Leaders from both platforms believe that the OTC market is taking market share from traditional markets over the past year. A report from Aite Group1 predicts that free payment will soon account for the majority of cryptocurrency trading volume.

Coinbase allows margin trading again

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced on Wednesday that it will support margin trading once again after stopping this function in 2017 due to ethereum price collapse. Ethereum price then dropped to 10 cents from 300 USD in just a few milliseconds.

Starting February 12, certain clients on the exchange will be able to trade with leverage x3. The service will be available in 23 states for Coinbase Pro users, and for customers hosted in 45 states with USD pairs.

The US financial crime regulator is preparing to issue a cryptocurrency bill

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Congress on February 12 that the Financial Crime Enforcement Organization (FinCEN) will issue requests related to digital currencies.

Mnuchin gives a few details about the move when presented to the House Finance Committee. However, he stressed that "specifically for cryptocurrencies, we spend a lot of time on this, both in the multi-agency aspect and in compliance with the regulations."

"We expect to make some significant new requests at FinCEN," he said, though there has been no time yet.

"We want to make sure this technology keeps going, but on the contrary, we want to make sure digital money is not used in the same way as a secret bank account in Switzerland."


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