DAXC: Exchange in VND only 0.05% transaction fee [HOT]

Daxc floor

Surely those who participate in the market are also surprised how to use VND to buy Bitcoin or virtual money? Which reputable floor? Which floor is safe, cheap?, ...

Then today, Blogtienao will introduce to you DAXC floor. One more option for you to buy and sell crypto in VND.

So DAXC floor What is it and what's it HOT? Please see this article!

What is DAXC?

DAXC is a crypto exchange in VND. You can buy and sell some top coins like BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XRP with extremely preferential fees.

Normally, new exchanges will have a problem that is not high liquidity. But the liquidity on DAXC is not inferior to other big exchanges.

Because they have their own solutions to liquidity issues. So you do not have to buy and sell on this floor!

DAXC trading floor interface
DAXC trading floor interface

Pros and cons of DAXC Flooring


  • Simple interface, easy to use, supports Vietnamese
  • Easy to implement KYC
  • High liquidity: There is a large order book to meet the needs of all users
  • Extremely fast withdrawal
  • Trading fees are cheaper than most of the trading platforms in VND today
  • 99% of coins will be stored in cold wallets to ensure safety for investors


  • Not supporting many trading pairs with only some top coins
  • No market orders, stoploss yet
  • The floor is quite new and not many people know it
  • Currently, the account only supports withdrawing VND to Vietcombank account

Charges on floor

Deposit and withdrawal fee

Depositing fees on the floor you can refer to the table below. Because the withdrawal fee will be adjusted based on Blockchain conditions, it may be different from you.

You can check the updated fee schedule here.

Daxc floor withdrawal fee table


Transaction fee for taker and maker is 0.125%. But currently, the floor has a 60% discount for 3 months starting from 20/20/2020.

So the transaction fee is only 0.05%, it is too cheap !!

Note: The maker is the order maker, Taker is the one who matched the order.

Direction of DAXC floor registration


Brothers access https://daxc.io/signup.html. Fill out the account information:

  • Email: Enter your email
  • Password: Enter your desired password
  • Confirmation password: Retype the password you entered above

Then, check the box I'm not a robot and I agree to the terms of services. Finally click the button Registration is done.

Daxc account registration form

Validate email

After you register, an email will be sent. You check the mail you used to register and click Verify Email Address is done.

Verify email for the account

Instructions for turning on 2-layer security and Account verification

Activate 2FA

You must activate 2FA before you can proceed with KYC

To use it, you must download Google Authenticator and scan the QR code provided. Then enter 6 characters from the application into the "Code ” and press the button Activate 2FA is done.

Watch now: How to use it Google Authenticator

Activate 2-factor authentication

Verify account

When you complete account verification, you can increase the withdrawal limit up to 1 billion / day. If you want to deposit more, you can contact support floor.

To authenticate, then you need, you need the following:

  • Photo of front and back of ID card or a passport photo
  • A photo of your face clearly holding your ID card (Passport) with a paper stating your date of verification

You follow the guided steps:

  • Step 1: Upload photos on the front and back of ID card or Passport photo. Then click Next Step
  • Step 2: Upload a photo of yourself with your ID card or passport in hand and a handwritten note paper with the text "www.daxc.io and current date and time".
  • Step 3: Enter information such as: name, date of birth, phone number, 2FA code. Finally hit Submit is done.

KYC DAXC account

Instruction for deposit and withdrawal on DAXC floor

You go to the Overview section (Overview) or you can follow the following link: https://daxc.io/overview.html

At the item Account Balance At the right of the screen are buttons for depositing and withdrawing money.

Recharge the coin will have the brothers you just need to switch to the address provided is complete. As for withdrawals, enter the coin number, the coin address you want to withdraw and press the button Withdrawal is done.

If you deposit VND, you will transfer it to your trading account. When withdrawing, enter the account number, account name, the amount you want to withdraw. Then you press the button Withdrawal is done.

Recharge withdrawal on the floor

Guide to buy and sell on DAXC

The way to buy and sell is quite simple because the floor design is simple and easy to use. No hassle like other floors.

After you have withdrawn, you can make purchases at the item Floor at the right of the screen or follow the link: https://daxc.io/market.html.

There must be a Buy and Sell Tab. If you want to buy, then select the tab BuyIf you choose to sell, then select tab Sell.

You can choose the price in VND and the desired amount of coin and press the button Buy or button Sell is done.

Buying and selling on DAXC


According to Blogtienao, the evaluation showed that the withdrawal is quite fast, cheap. The withdrawal or transaction is also quite simple and easy to use.

DAXC floor is very suitable for you to buy and sell in VND.

Hope the article helps you understand the floor as well as how to use it. If you have any questions, please comment below.

BTA will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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