ETH trading volume soared 4 times, will ETH still fly? | Money Blog

ETH is witnessing a strong revival thanks to the massive development of DeFi as more and more ETH is locked in these dapps.

Someone bought a lot of ETH

Today, crypto economist and trader Alex Kruger took to Twitter to share a chart from the BitMEX exchange showing a huge increase in ETH trading volume over the past week.

This figure is 4 times larger than the previous volume in the second half of last year. Therefore, this trader concluded that someone bought a large amount of Ethereum.

Now people start admiring ETH

Analyst Michael van de Poppe noted that Ethereum and other cryptocurrency projects, previously largely forgotten and often said by many to be dead, are currently on the verge of a resurgent wave.

Ethereum is one of them, and many people once again believe that ETH will quickly return to its previous golden age. This is happening - the analyst said - because the candles on the charts have turned green and prices are showing more and more positive sides.


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