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Due to the new outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new strain, the Corona virus, which has not shown signs of decline, students' schedules are extended for another week, and the border gate is closed for two weeks.

In terms of epidemic prevention, this is very reasonable and necessary, bringing benefits to the people. However, if you look at the smartphone market, this will be a very sad story. So, how did this nCoV virus affect our country's smartphone market?

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#first. The effects of Corona virus

Since there's no further explanation here, I'll get to the main point right away. Our country market will be significantly affected, because:

1 / Smartphone scarcity: Due to the production stagnation from the position of his Chinese neighbor, as well as the closure of the country with them, it will be difficult for Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, etc. smartphones to reach consumers. country.

Chinese smartphones have a huge market share here, and their chase will give inventory machines a chance to increase prices, while new ones won't see them.

2 / Similarly, so is the supply of components: Not only for Chinese smartphones, a bunch of components and accessories of Samsung, iPhone, Sony, LG are from China, both high and low quality products.

Which means that machines that used to have rare components, will now become increasingly rare.

corona-virus-corona-with-smartphone-in-water (1)

3 / The market for smartphones fluctuates sharply: A big part of the laptop market comes to Vietnam via China.

Even if it's an iPhone J / A good LL / A, most of them still have to come over this way. Even Japanese stuff like Sony. The reason why I don't know biết

At first glance, it seems that it doesn't matter much, because almost all OEMs have genuine products for our market, but not.

Especially the iPhone, when 99% goods, Lock products, Active products or some such goods, do not carry the code VN / A. So, perhaps the iPhone will be scarce and price increases than in the near future.

corona-virus-corona-with-smartphone-in-water (1)

OEMs that depend on outsourcing or sourcing components from China will also see a decrease in the number of units shipped compared to their plan. However, this probably will not have a significant effect on our Vietnam market.

#2. Opportunities for domestic producers

Of course, besides having a negative impact on the domestic market, there are a few positive points for domestic OEMs, including:

1 / Opportunities for Vietnamese OEM: Currently, because there is a processing factory with a capacity of 1/8 of the annual smartphone consumption, and at an extremely competitive price compared to Chinese brands, currently, this is an extremely great opportunity for Vsmart.

No need for high-end, no need to be too breakthrough, Vsmart at the present time is no rival with the mid-range segment and cheap price, when the Chinese firms are affected so badly.

corona-virus-corona-with-smartphone-in-water (2)

2 / Opportunities for non-Chinese OEMs: Sony, LG, Vega or many other OEMs have no way of living in our country due to the competition of Chinese OEMs.

But if China's smartphone industry gets worse, chances are good for them. The market size of our country is not large, but even the markets bordering China are also closing the border, this is a quality bait.

# 3. Conclude

Well, there are two sides to it anyway. How the market volatility and restructuring after this time is unknown.

But it seems that the disease has not stopped, so users should be familiar with the upcoming changes of the market. Have you bought the device yet? If not, please buy now 😀

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