How to add the contact icon to the WordPress sidebar


How to add the contact icon to the sidebar - Want to make visitors easily contact you? So please display your information with the WordPress contact utility.

This is a simple addition that allows you to display information such as email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses, social media channels, etc.

Displaying this type of information is essential for business and is also very convenient for customers.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to add a WordPress contact widget through the use of the Contact Widgets plugin.

Why should you add contact information


Depending on the purpose of the website, it is important to give customers the ability to contact you.

For example, you are a freelance writer, it is quite common for customers to contact you via email. Therefore, displaying that information on your website is essential for success.

However, there are many other reasons.

If you own a physical location, your website is most likely to help people find where you are. Therefore, displaying your address is mandatory, even if you have the ability to advance thanks to the use of Google Maps.

Install Contact Widget

Contact Widgets is an extremely popular plugin with over 600,000 active installs. The plugin is very simple, easy to use, this makes it ideal for beginners. It has everything that even the most experienced developers need.

You can add gadgets to the website sidebar in less than 5 minutes. Let's get started!

Click on Plugins and then select the new option on the left panel.


Search for the Contact Widget in the search box, this will pull in the plugin you find useful.


Scroll until you find the plugin, then click on install immediately to use it.


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How to use the Contact Widget plugin

The name says it all, this plugin adds new widgets that you can customize. The widget has a very simple WordPress contact form that you will need to fill out.

On the left panel, click to the interface and select the Widgets option. Here you have the ability to add or remove widgets from your website.


Locate the contact details widget and drag it to the sidebar area.


Widgets are very simple. The first entry field is the title. Most websites will use contact information on other users

The second field is your email address. You should create a special email with this field.

The third and fourth fields are telephone numbers and fax numbers, respectively. Just enter the best number to reach your business side.

Finally, you enter the actual address for your side. Under this box, you will see the option to display the map. If you check this box, Google Map will appear. This is a great addition, but depending on how much storage you want, the choice is up to you.

You will also see the option to include labels. The label refers to Email, phone, Fax and address.

Widgets are also customizable. You rearrange the order of the information displayed by dragging it up or down.


If you want to skip the info, just leave it blank. The label will not appear if you do. After entering all the information, click the Save button.


You can now view contact information on the website. If the map does not link to the correct location, double-check the information you have entered.



The display of contact information on your side is for visitors to actually contact you. So you need to make sure you regularly check what is posted.

You do not want to miss emails or phone calls from customers. The strange thing is that if you miss it, you'll never hear from them again. You should also consider a few more social media channel icons.

These will help visitors connect with you on the different platforms you are operating on.

How long will it take you to add your contact info on WordPress? Did you display the map on your sidebar? Let us know in the comments below.


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