How to add post review in WordPress?


How to add post review in WordPress? - Do you want to add an easy way for visitors to rate posts in WordPress? Seeing what visitors think about your side posts is extremely important because it helps you improve the overall quality of your content side.

However, the majority of visitors will not leave feedback using the built-in method, the comment section. You have the ability to simplify the process by using the WordPress plugin to review posts on your website. They often add a 5-star rating system that visitors are likely to click on.

In this article, we will demonstrate how to achieve this with the Rate My Post plugin.

Why do you need to allow visitors to rate posts in WordPress?

While a bad review is likely to adversely affect sales, feedback is extremely important. It helps you determine the type of content that visitors like or dislike, this will help your website grow faster.

If you do not receive this response, you have the ability to continue creating content that your audience doesn't want. This has the potential to make developing your website much more difficult.

Luckily, adding a ranking system to WordPress will fix this and it's very simple to do.

Install Rate My Post plugin

The Rate My Post plugin is a very simple but effective way to gather visitor ideas. Unlike leaving feedback as a comment, all visitors need to do is choose the number of stars.

By keeping the process short and simple, you are more likely to gather feedback.

To get started, click Plugin and select the New Add option on the left admin panel.


Search for the Rate My Post plugin in the available search box. This will pull in additional plugins that you might find useful.


Scroll down until you see the Rate my Post plugin, then click the Install now button and activate it to use.


On the left admin panel, click on My Posts Rank, then select the Settings option.


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Set the rate of posts on my side

Although you are likely to see many of the settings you can change, they are actually very easy to use.

The first option you are allowed to change the rating system from star to many other icons including thumb, heart, smiley and title. Choose any icon that suits your website.


Below this section, you have the ability to align a widget to the left, right or center.

All four subsequent options you are allowed to automatically set the Rank my post widget or results for the entire post or the entire page on your website.


By default, these options are disabled because you have the ability to manually add widgets to the post or page you want to know more about. However, if you are looking to collect feedback in bulk, these options are very helpful.

The rest of the options side completely depends on how your website is designed. These include things like coloring options, rich snippets, half stars, deciding whether potentially negative reviews, etc.

We strongly recommend that you take a look through them and choose the best option for your website. By default, all are turned off so you have the ability to skip them now and come back later.

Click the Save button when you're done.


Use Plugin Rate My Post

If you choose to display the widget on each post in the settings, you will be able to view ratings. If you want to put it yourself, we will prove it now.

Go to any page or post on your website. In addition, you have the ability to create new ones for testing purposes.

You should pay attention to the Review my posts section at the end of each post or page on your website. This is only visible to you and you are allowed to follow feedback for that particular post or page.


To really add reviews, all you need to do is add a shortcode:


Doing so will add 5 stars (or any icons you choose) to the bottom of the page or post. Visitors will now be able to rate it.


You have successfully added the ranking system to your WordPress website.

The entire feedback is important

Feedback is extremely important whether you have a brand new website or a website that has been around for years. You are allowed to judge how well your audience enjoys the content.

This will help you better understand how to improve or tailor content with you to a specific audience. This can potentially help you grow significantly faster and help you avoid publishing content that your visitors don't like.

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