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Yes, ladies and gentlemen Excel in today's Excel article, I will share a tip Create search box on Excel file, unlike the way to look up values ​​in VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and INDEX, MATCH is quite cumbersome in formulas and values, arguments.

With From this search, you just need to type the syntax for Excel to automatically search for absolute and relative values ​​similar to the Google Search tool. Support you to filter and search the desired values ​​on long spreadsheets more easily and quickly.

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Instructions to create From search on Excel file

+ Step 1: First, open your Excel file. Here you click the title box of the values ​​to create a search => and open the tab Insert => select Table.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (1)

Then tick the selection My table has headers => and click the box OK to create a filter for the spreadsheet.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (2)

+ Step 2: Now open the tab Design up => and choose the color you want to create for the spreadsheet.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (3)

You click open tab Fomulas => and select Name Manager.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (4)

Dialog box Name Manager appears, click on it Edit... as shown below.

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (5)

+ Step 3: In this step, please name the selection of the Sheet in the box Name => Then press OK to create.

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (6)

Then click Close to exit.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (7)

+ Step 4: Next you open the Developer tab => select Insert => and continue to choose Text Box (ActiveX Control) => And create From from the umbrella A2 to B2.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (8)

+ Step 5: Then right click From => select Properties.

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (9)

The dialog box appears Properties Text Box => here you enter LinkedCell is the umbrella A2 to create a link to spreadsheet => and then press (x) to exit.

Note: Please replace A2 equal to the value that matches your Excel table.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (10)

Then right click Text Box => select View Code to open the VBA program.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (11)

+ Step 6: At the dialog box Sheet (Code), you place the mouse pointer over the part End Sub as the following picture.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (12)

Then copy the following code (the places in red are necessary to replace to fit your board):

ActiveSheet.ListObjects ("HVT“) .Range.AutoFilter Field: = 1, _
Criteria1: = "*" & (A2) & "*", Operator: = xlFilterValues

+ Step 7: Paste in the middle => then change the parameters:

  • Name Table at section Name Manager.
  • And umbrella Cells set in LinkedCell

=> Then turn off the dialog box Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (13)

Now change the color of the cells in the Text Box.

excel-form-find-excel-excel (14)

+ Step 8: Finally click on Design Mode in the tab Developer to activate the search box.

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (15)

And enter the characters in the Text Box box to try it out.

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (16)

Test play again ....

excel-form-find-excel-excel-format (17)


Okay so that's it, I have just guided you How to create a Search word in an Excel file a fairly detailed and easy way, support for searching and filtering information in a super fast way already.

This is extremely useful for Excel files with lots of data. Yes, and here my article would like to pause. Hope this tip will be helpful to you.

Good luck !

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