How to Create a Signature Under Each Email In WordPress


How to create a signature under each email in WordPress - Emails are the most popular form of communication in the world, it's not surprising that you send them from WordPress. However, you cannot add email signatures by default.

However, like most things in WordPress, there are plugins capable of adding that feature. That is the Add Email Signature plugin.

In this post, we will show you how to use the plugin in combination with the wp_mail system.

Why do you need to add a signature under each Email?

There are many benefits as well as why you should have a signature at the end of a message. For starters, it makes you look more professional. Be honest, anyone has the ability to create an email and then press the send button. The signature adds contact from the person making it professional.

This also gives you a great space to put your company's brand into every message. Including the official logo is a great way to add authenticity to your email.

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Install the Add Email Signature plugin

This plugin is extremely easy to use. Just install it, enter your signature, then save your changes.

Get started by clicking on Plugin and then selecting new add option on the left admin panel.


Search for the Add Email Signature plugin in the search box available. This will pull in more plugins you find useful.


Scroll down until you see the plugin, then tap Install now and then activate to use.


On the left admin panel, click Settings and choose the option to add email signatures.


Set of email signatures

With this page you are allowed to create your own email signature. Enter the text you want, such as the professional title or website address, into the text box.


However, you are not allowed to add images to the signature. It should also be noted that the signature is added as plain text. This means it does not appear in HTML emails.

When you're happy with your signature, click the save button.


This will automatically include the signature in any email sent by wp_mail. If the plugin is using a separate code to send email, a signature will not be added. In these cases, you'll edit the way the plugin is sending emails.

Remember that if you want to get rid of signatures, you will need to disable the plugin.

Congratulations, you have successfully added an email signature in WordPress.


Most signatures will only include contact information. However, you can add a contact page to us using the contact form. This is simply a page that visitors can click to contact the website or business owner.

This has the potential to help potential business partners reach you. It also has the potential to be a great way to get feedback from customers.


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