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Social skills are an integral part of helping us keep moving forward on the path of happiness.

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And I believe there are many young people who are still struggling to find solutions to build and develop them. In fact, everyone is the same, so learning is important.

Well, and don't let you waste any more time, today let me answer the question today how to develop these important skills Please !

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#first. Always smile

The core of the problem is how to immerse yourself in the world without too many obstacles.


And I believe smiling will be the simplest thing we can do to make things better. A warm smile always gives the opposite person a sense of security and comfort.

That is the foundation for us to learn everything from the world. Because when you smile, it means you are taking issues in a positive direction and ready to face challenges and difficulties ahead.

Don't always show an annoyed frown, no one wants to work with people like that. Conversely, smiling is a sign of openness and this will make people want to make friends with you from the first meeting!

Smile is the sweetest remedy to help remove all barriers, even conflicts. So smile more every day, guys!

#2. Listen

Many people pay too much attention to the ability to express language and forget that in order to develop comprehensively, we still need to learn to listen.

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As we mentioned, we all have a need to share. And when you put your mind into someone's share, this makes the other person feel that they are being respected.

As the sympathies grow, the difficulty is also greatly reduced. Understanding each other makes problems easier to solve, thus giving way to success more open than ever.

Good listening is an advantage, but this does not mean that you should listen more and talk less.

Silence for too long will accidentally create an extremely awkward atmosphere when both do not know how to continue the conversation. So let's move on to the next part - part Make a question.

# 3. Notice How to Ask Questions

Okay, surely we all have a moment of confusion when a conversation goes into silence, doesn't it? Don't worry too much, the helpful information below will help you significantly improve the problem.


There are two types of questions: closed question and open question. Closed questions are questions that can be answered with truncated words such as "Yes" , " Is not " and of course therefore the amount of information you exploit will be negligible.

For example, if you examine your opponent's opinion of your opinion with questions like: Do you agree with me ? " it is very likely that they will only choose to answer that "Yes" let it pass.

Where the answer is " Is not " then maybe people will just focus on bringing out the opposite sides to overwhelm your point, this part is not objective right?

So, instead, learn how to ASK QUESTIONS. They are questions that give others the opportunity to respond with their own words and opinions. And through open-ended questions we also create opportunities for the other person to talk more.

In the case we set out above, we can start with: What are your thoughts on this? "


Can you help me improve this problem?

Do you notice the difference? That is the key point. I will have an article that says more about this topic, so don't go anywhere! ^^

# 4. Working group

We are never alone. Get out, make friends with an outgoing group of friends and do meaningful things together.


This life is very short, do not isolate yourself by hugging the phone day and night and reading nonsense messages again.

Then you will be surprised to see the positive changes that teamwork brings. Not only do you become more mature and responsible, Teamwork is a great opportunity for us to share difficult problems and work together to find solutions.

Teamwork helps us improve ourselves day by day, moreover, the constant exposure to individual characteristics will form a new ego for you even more!

It is never too late to do something different. If you feel you are too shy, do not hesitate to break up with interesting friends!

There is a great saying like this: If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, you must go together !

# 5. Confident

Last but not least, the solid foundation that helps you make things easier is confidence.

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The positive aspects that this skill brings are beyond debate. There is a saying I have read somewhere that still feels extremely popular right now: Experience tells you what you should do, your confidence to help you do it ".

That's it, all theories will be a cliché if you don't get to work. Train your confidence at this moment by participating in a lot of group activities, and then you will discover great hidden potential that you yourself did not expect.

Are you ready to write your dream today?

### Epilogue

Thank you for following along throughout this article. Hopefully this article will partially solve the concerns of youth on the threshold of a toddler in life.

Do not forget to share your own views on this issue for us to analyze together. Good luck !

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