How to improve speed and functionality of WordPress website with Tweakr


How to improve speed and functionality of WordPress website with Tweakr - WordPress has a lot of features and functions, all of which are fully customizable to meet your needs. However, what if you don't need them?

In this case, it may be worth removing it completely. The smaller your website is, the better it will work. Fortunately, there are plugins that can help us to do this.

And in this article, we will show you how to improve WordPress speed with the Tweakr plugin.

How does Tweakr help?

Tweakr is a simple but powerful plugin that can help you remove or disable unwanted features in WordPress. Therefore, it has the ability to make WordPress faster.

For example, what you don't see most WordPress authors use is emoticons. While they are fun to use while messaging or talking to friends on social media websites, they are not suitable for creating content in many cases. At the very least, if you are trying to be professional.

So there's really no reason to keep them on your website. Tweakr understands this and allows you to disable emoticons by clicking. It also has the ability to disable oEmbeds, RSS feeds and more.

The smaller you make your website, the faster it will become.

Install Tweakr

Tweakr is a great plugin for any website you want to turn off features in WordPress to speed up.

Get started by clicking on the Plugin and selecting the New Add option on the left admin panel.


Search for Tweakr in the available search box.


Scroll down until you find the Tweakr plugin. Click the Install button now and activate the plugin to use it.


Use Tweakr

Tweakr is extremely easy to use. There are no complicated settings to handle. Instead, everything is handled via a toggle switch, all off by default. This means that all you need to do is go through each setting and decide if you want to enable it or not.

On the left panel, click the Tweakr option to pull up the main settings page.


Everything related to the plugin is likely to be adjusted here and it is divided into 6 tabs. These include Refine, Content, Edit, Analyze, Privacy, System.

Remember, you should only enable the settings that work best for your website, and you can change them at any time.

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This tab is the first tab and contains all the hidden / off features that the plugin provides. It is divided into three parts, including Frontend, Feed, HTTP Header. Go through each section and disable everything you don't need.



The Contents tab is related to the permalink structure on the website and the XML Sitemap. The settings on this page are likely to directly affect how search engines view content on your side, which means your rankings are on the line.



The Edit tab doesn't have many settings. Here you will be able to change the visual appearance options that your website is capable of using.



The analytics tab has only two settings, but don't let that fool you. That setting is to enable Google Analytics. If you choose to enable it, you will need to enter your own tracking code. In addition, it also supports Matomo analysis.



The Privacy tab includes options, which will hide the privacy policy page from the index on the search appliance. Although this type of page needs to be visible to visitors for legal reasons, they are inaccurate and rich in content.



The System tab has more advanced options. These include email, updates, APIs and monitoring settings. Unless you have a solid understanding, we would advise against touching the settings that are set here.

When you're done, click the Save button.


WordPress is fully customizable

Typically, when people think of being fully customizable, they tend to think of what you are likely to add to the platform. However, removing and disabling the feature is on the other hand the custom side.

This you are allowed Create web Best suited to your party needs. And finally, removing unused features that can help streamline WordPress makes for better performance.

What features did you delete with Tweakr? Do you think WordPress should integrate some of these options? Let us know in the comments below.


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