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Instructions on how to register and download Mobile Arena Arena game on Android phones!

On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the familiar publisher Riot Games, they teased the mobile version of the super cool game The Arena of Truth.

After days of looking forward to news, the final beta version of the title Game Arena Truth Mobile has landed with gamers gamers using the Android operating system.

And in this article I will guide you in detail how to download and register an account to play DTCL Mobile on Android!

Brothers iOS a little bit real, have to wait for the official version on the AppStore only :)). Exactly, the Beta version on Android was released on February 7, 2020 but it was not until today that I wrote a tutorial, so I'm sorry !!

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How to register and download Mobile Arena Arena game on Android

+ Step 1: First you choose one of the 3 links below to download the .APK installer of DTCL Mobile game. This file is very light, only about ~ 45MB, the Wifi network loads very fast, so you can choose any link.

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+ Step 2: After downloading, open and install as a normal software, remember to allow installing non-native software in the installation, otherwise it will not install.

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+ Step 3: Installation is complete, you should open the game immediately but instead, you open the web browser => and visit the website of Riot Games here:

To be able to register a new game account. The region that we choose to register for an account here is Australia (OCEANIA), you notice yes OCEANIA (ENGLISH) As shown below is OK.

=> Then you enter your Email into it => and then press START To start creating an account, this process will take 3 easy steps.

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+ Step 4: Enter your date of birth here, should enter over 18 and not necessarily match your date of birth, then click the button NEXT to continue.

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+ Step 5: Finally, enter your username (username), which is the name that will show up during your game, which you desire in the box Username on top of.

Then enter account password 2 times => and check the box I agree to the Term of Use and I have read and acknowledge the Privacy Policy to accept Riot Games' terms of use and privacy rights

Finally click the button Next, registration process completed.


+ Step 6: Now, you should use any VPN software that you have to Fake IP to region OCEANIA, some software can be mentioned as HolaVPN, FlyVPN, ...

You might be looking for: 10+ the most effective Fake IP software!

As for me, I have the copyright of Seed4Me.VPN, luckily, this service always has a server at Australia - Úc I just need to connect to this server.

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+ Step 7: Preparing an account as well as Fake IP to Australia is completed, you proceed to open DTCL Mobile game On the phone up, there will usually be called TFT - TeamFight Tatics not the CCP as we often call it. Because this is an international version, there is no Vietnamese, so you will also have some difficulty in reading the equipment information.

Once opened, you will see an interface with the logo TFT very big in the middle, right below is the login button, click the button Riots Account to log in to your account.

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+ Step 8: This login page is similar to Garena's login page when you play Union Mobile, remember to touch the word BR in the right corner of the screen to select the city OCEANIA dentist.

=> Then log in with your account Riot Games, which is the account registered at the beginning of the article, enter the information and click the red arrow at the bottom of the screen to complete the login step in your account.


+ Step 9: After logging in, the process of downloading and installing the new game really starts, you should hang up about 10-20 minutes for the game to download. If the login crashes, the login fails, then try removing the TFT game and reinstalling from the beginning!

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+ Step 10: This is the main interface selected after you login successfully, click on Tutorial To change to Normal mode (Normal) and play Rank then press PLAY to start the game and find the match for the selected mode.

In the upper corner of the screen is settings, notifications from the publisher and user information. Here I have chosen the mode Normal, I don't know how to play, so I should play normally: D.

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The interface when selecting champions at the beginning of the battle, very similar to the standard version on the computer version.

how-to-play-a-game-chan-ly-on-android (11)

Outstanding interface with buttons to buy experience, change generals and choose very large and easy-to-look icons that will never make you flipped. I don't know what squad I am building 😀


Yes, there are some images in the game, there are many other interesting features, but I will let you experience it for yourself!


So I just finished the tutorial for you How to register and download DTCL Mobile Beta game on Android phones Alright then.

Those who use the iPhone try to wait until March next year to have a proper official version and then play for comfort, from Fake IP trouble 😀

Then if you find this article good, don't forget to share it with others. Good luck !

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