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Although debuted after Auto Chess Mobile of DotA 2 to 5 months, but until 2020, the Arena of Truth of League of Legends has never run out of HOT.

It must be said that it took a long time for me to get back to the feeling of the old days, out of the shop. tactics that.

After the official confirmation from Riot that League of Mobile Legends: Speed ​​will land on Android and iOS this year, the gamers will continue to have good news when the game is extremely HOT. DTCL Mobile will be officially launched in March 2020.

That's why I will show you how to register Preloading DTCL Mobile game Please !

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Registration guide Arena Mobile Truth game

Just for pre-registration but really this game is very HOT already, nearly 300 votes 5 stars and an overwhelming score 9.8 / 10 Web's

In addition to the international version (Global) but then I will guide you to register, there is also a version for you just across the border (China). Always, if you want to play with Chinese guys, you can register in this way too.

This time I felt a little strange because the Chinese version will usually be released first, but this time it is not @@

+ Step 1: Below is the download link of the International Mobile version of DTCL (Global) and edition DTCL Mobile China (CN), you can choose either version, or register both.

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If you access the link with a computer like me, you can register the game for both Android and iOS, and the registration process will be faster than when using the phone. .

If you use a phone, you can only register for the operating system that your phone is using, so I encourage you to use a computer if possible, net is now cheap. , 5-10K is free to do then ^^

+ Step 2: Then, on this page, click the button Pre-register corresponding to the operating system of the phone that you will use to play this game.

Since I am using a Samsung Android phone, but I will soon change to iPhone so I will press the button Pre-register There is a bad apple symbol!

And if you are a Rick Kid (rich son), have both Android and iOS devices, you can press the Pre-Register button for both operating systems, unlimited at all 😀

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+ Step 3: Soon, you will receive a pop-up notice that you must be logged into this site (

=> Click the button Login to sign up for a new account because we're on this site for the first time

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+ Step 4: Choose Email or Phone number to use to register a new account, here I use it for convenient email.

You enter your email / phone number into the first box, then confirm you're not a robot => and then finally press the button Login.

As the website notes: Unregistered users automatically register and log in after authentication, which means that your account will automatically be registered, no need to do anything.

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+ Step 5: Click Login will have a pop-up asking you to enter the verification code, and there is also an authentication Email sent to the mail that you entered when registering above, this message will be titled Your Verification Code.

Open this letter and copy the 6-digit code that I underlined as in the picture and this code is valid for only 15 minutes.

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+ Step 6: Return to the account registration page, paste the code just copied in the mail into the box Please enter the verification Code and wait a moment.

There will be a notice that the code you entered is an error but do nothing, the site will automatically redirect to the registration page before the DTCL Mobile game, this is just a small error of come on.

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+ Step 7: Back to this page, click the button Pre-register corresponding to the operating system you want to use again, when you see the Pre-register changes to Unregister This is the end.

To register for the Chinese version, do the same, I will not guide you again.

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Yes, so I have just finished guide for you how to pre-register the game Arena Mobile Truth is singing, will be released in March this year already.

You will receive information about game download via the registered email above the article when the game officially launches, please check your mail regularly. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you, I wish you success!

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