How to use colors in your website design is good for you


How to use colors in creating websites - Although you don't think about how color affects your website visitors, when designing the web, designers consider it a very important component to create a perfect website.

How do colors make us feel?

Take a look at this color block:


How do you feel?

And how about this color block:


Do you feel different when looking at these two colors?

Definitely yes.

  • Yellow creates a sense of energy.

  • Blue creates a soothing feeling.

We all have psychological associations with certain colors. The softer nuances on the blue side evoke a sense of softness while the stronger shades denote strength.

Three types of colors

Color wheels contain three types of colors:

  • Basic

  • Secondary

  • Different color

Basic colors cannot be created by mixing different colors together.

Secondary colors are formed by mixing two main colors: blue and yellow to green, red and yellow to orange.

The third color is derived by combining the primary color with the secondary color: blue or orange red.

Web designers use these types of colors to evoke emotions when create web.


Additional colors

In order for your website to have the perfect design, you must also understand which color would work well together. Additional colors are found on opposite sides of the color wheel together. When used together, these colors contrast with each other, giving your side a vibrant look. These complementary colors can also be used to enhance specific feelings or layers of emotions that add to the main emotion you want for your visitors. For example, you can use red on your call-to-action button to convey urgency and associate it with green throughout your side layout to give visitors a sense of security. safe.

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Create feelings for your website through color

Do you want to know what colors create what kind of emotions? If yes, continue reading this guide:

  • Red - Warm, energetic. Great as accents to create movement.

  • Blue - Calm, strong, professional. Travel websites work well with this theme.

  • Yellow - Interesting. Too much will distract the website, so use it as a highlight.

  • Orange - Electricity; However, browsers display this nuance differently, so please attach it as a highlight.

  • Green - Cool, mellow, professional; Great for websites that mention nature, finance, business.

  • Black - Strength. Although black was used as the main color in Create websiteBut it also has the potential to strain the reader's eyes.

  • Gray - Used for strength, calm, power, power. This color is great when combined with most other colors; Gray is used a lot in today's web construction.

  • White - Although it may seem like unnecessary color in web design, don't forget what we have to say about white or negative spaces. Your readers need some white areas to learn the important parts of the web.

A few examples of color theory are used

To show you how color theory is used in web development, what better way to provide some images?

Perhaps the most famous example on a website that uses blue to evoke a sense of security and trust is Facebook:


Natural Awakenings, the healthy living magazine, uses a combination of green and blue sides to bring readers into a calm, energetic mind. There is also a bit of orange to encourage action.


Oi Polloi is an e-commerce website that uses a variety of bright colors to attract customers into their store. At first, the color palette on their side seemed chaotic, but the variety was intentional: it represented the range of brands available in their party store.


The last advice

You need to take the time to really understand what you want people to feel when they visit your website, then build a new design using the colors chosen to evoke those emotions.

For more help with the basics of Website writing, see our other articles.

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