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Referring to the MacBook is referring to laptops with luxurious design, expensive - accompanied by a beautiful, smooth MacOS operating system produced by Apple to target users who are successful business people, those people with conditions, ...

And no one thought about bringing such a thin, sexy MacBook Pro for gaming, and in fact, there are not many games that support MacOS.

But once again "Lord GabeN" has confirmed that playing games on MacOS is possible when the Steam Client will continue to support the latest version of this operating system, which is MacOS Catalina 10.15.

At the same time MacOS from El Capitan 10.11 to Mojave 10.14 can still use Steam normally.

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Therefore, in this article I will guide you in detail How to install Vavle's Steam Client on MacOS To play the game in a very simple way!

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#first. How to install Steam on MacOS to play games

Playing games on MacOS with Steam is entirely possible, but for some reasons as well as the specific nature that some games will not play on MacOS as they do on Windows.

So before starting the process of downloading and installing Steam and the game you want to play, check by visiting the Game for Mac page here on Steam => then find if the game you want to play is on this list - if it does, play it.

+ Step 1: Downloading Steam for MacOS is also very simple and works like Windows, open any browser and visit Steam's Download page (the link above or the direct link). here) => and press the button Install Steam The other green to download is the .ieg format .DMG

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+ Step 2: Download finished, you will get a file named Steam.DMG => click open it and wait a bit for the system to proceed Mount to the virtual drive and you will get a window as shown below.

The only thing left is to use the mouse to drag Steam => and drop it into the folder Application To save it on MacOS, you don't have to do anything. Installing applications on MacOS is really easy: V

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+ Step 3: After installation, you use the key combination Command ⌘ + Space (SPACEBAR) to open Search Spotlight => then enter the keyword Steam => and press Enter to quickly open the Steam application on MacOS.

Or You can also use Launchpad, the search box in Launchpad to open Steam again but I usually use Search Spotlight because it's convenient.

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+ Step 4: The first time you run the application, Privacy & Security MacOS will warn you that this is an application downloaded from the Internet, are you sure you want to open it?

You just press Open to open as normal home, nothing and at any later use will no longer notice this.

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+ Step 5: The familiar application update window of Steam appears, wait for it to download and update will be the interface as shown below.

Click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT if this is your first time using Steam or clicking LOGIN TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT to log in to your account if you've played games on Steam before.

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+ Step 6: Here because I already have a Steam account (I've been using Steam for quite a long time, about 3 years: V) so I'll choose to login.

You proceed to enter your login information and verify use SteamGuard Mobile or SteamGuard Email Just like on Windows, there's no difference.

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+ Step 7: Now go in Steam Library => select the game you want to play => and press Install => then click Next to start downloading and installing that game.

The game does not support the button Install will be blurred with text Available for Windows Besides and of course that game you can not play on MacOS, the survival game PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is a typical example.

#2. Some notes when installing games on macOS

If you don't already have a game, you can go to the Store to buy, but remember to see if there's a MacOS icon next to the button Mua No, if only Windows or Linux icons can't play.

In addition, Steam's interface on MacOS is exactly the same as on Windows 10, so you will not be surprised if you have used it before.

In addition, you also need to check the configuration to see if your Mac has the minimum configuration to play the game, this is also very important. If you have met the above, you can download and start playing the game.

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As you can see, I'm playing the familiar puzzle game on MacOS smoothly, without any errors during the game.

However, because MacOS is not designed for gaming, when playing the same game and the same configuration, the process of starting games and playing games on Windows 10 is always smoother than MacOS, I have drawn. This conclusion after playing some pretty terrible games on Steam.

So I also do not encourage you to use thin and light MacBook Pro like this to plow the game, even using Windows 10 via Bootcamp, damaging the machine!

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So now you can play any game you want on MacOS, as long as Steam supports it.

And just like Steam on Windows, Steam will automatically run every time you log into MacOS and slow down the login process to the system.

To prevent Steam from starting automatically, simply right-click on the Steam icon in your Mac's Dock => select Options => and then uncheck the box Open at login is to be.

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# 3. How to remove or delete games on macOS

If you do not want to use Steam to play games on MacOS anymore, the game you want to play is not supported, the game is too laggy, ... and want to remove it, too?

Very simple, you open Finder up => access to the directory Applications => Scroll down to find Steam => then right click on it Move to Trash to remove Steam application from MacOS.

Done, you can right-click on it Trash on the bar Dock => and select Empty to permanently delete Steam from your computer!

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# 4. Epilogue

So I have just detailed instructions for you How to install Steam on MacOS to play the game already, hopefully this article will be able to help you have fun after studying and working hard.

However, once again I have to remind myself that I do not really encourage you to play games on Mac because it is really thin, can not dissipate as well as Windows laptops, so it will be very harmful to that machine. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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