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Facebook is currently the social network with the largest traffic today. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, and until now, Facebook has always known how to attract people from around the world thanks to its fast and strong interaction.

Most users use Facebook for communication, information, entertainment and exchanges with friends around the world ... but few people notice that Facebook also has a huge game store that we can Discover and play these games right on your Windows computer. This game store is really bigger than you ever imagined!

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With the name Facebook Gameroom, this is a standalone application containing all games provided by Facebook.

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And today, let's explore the giant game store on Facebook. To get started, follow these steps:

#first. Install Facebook game store on your computer

+ Step 1: To use and explore this game store, you must first download it to your computer. You access come in => then click the button Cài đặt miễn phí to download and install.

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+ Step 2: After downloading the file, you need to open the downloaded file => double click to run the installation file => and the installation will take place automatically. What you need is a stable Internet connection only.

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+ Step 3: Once you have completed the installation, you now need to log in with your Facebook account to start exploring.

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Complete the login, the main interface of Facebook Gameroom will appear with a list of featured games sorted by very specific topics. If you like a theme, choose that topic to find the game you like 😀

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+ Step 4: Here, games provided by manufacturers on Facebook will be displayed and sorted in specific categories. To play the game you just need to click on the game you want to play => and select Chơi ngay to begin.

games-facebook-facebook (6)

#2. How to download games on Facebook to your computer?

Note: In addition, you can also download the games you want by clicking on the icon DOWNLOAD (the screen with an arrow pointing down) in the toolbar on the left of the screen.

games-facebook-facebook (7)

Next select the game you want to download => then if there is no problem please select Tiếp tục to complete.

games-facebook-facebook (8)

Yes ! Once you have chosen the game, you can now start fighting the games you like!

games-facebook-facebook (9)

# 3. Epilogue

So I have finished the tutorial for you how to install the giant game store of Facebook on your computer Alright!

It is great because when playing games here there will be no ads like on Facebook or Facebook web applications that you still play. Do not forget to support if you find the article useful. Good luck !

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