Justin Sun finally got dinner with Warren Buffett, the price of TRON soared

Tron's Justin Sun finally completed a $ 4.5 million dinner with Warren Buffett

Justin Sun - CEO of TRON, and Warren Buffett discussed cryptocurrencies at dinner last month - 6 months after Sun canceled the event on grounds of kidney stones.

The TRON Foundation announced on Thursday that Sun met Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway at a dinner - at Buffett's request, at a private entertainment club in his hometown - Omaha, on 1/23. Sun attended the dinner with a number of guests including Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, eToro CEO Yoni Assia as well as Huobi CFO of Huobi Chris Lee, and Binance charitable leader Helen Hai.

In a post-dinner announcement, Sun said it was "truly an honor and I am very grateful for Mr. Buffett's dinner, wisdom and vision."

Sun added that he would "use Mr. Buffett's advice to turn Tron into a better ecosystem, do business with all partners in the blockchain space and more," although Sun did not provide information. Details of the plan.

Buffett has been auctioning off his dinner every year since 2000 and the proceeds will go to charities. TRON's CEO spent a whopping $ 4.5 million to get this honor.

Initially his dinner with Buffett was scheduled for late July 2019, but Sun was forced to postpone due to kidney stones.

One day after Sun postponed dinner, a Chinese media outlet accused Sun of being investigated by local authorities and was not allowed to leave China, however, after which Sun broadcasted a live video to prove it. I'm in San Francisco.

Sun later apologized to regulators and the community for "over-advertising" the dinner with the billionaire investor, saying that "it had a negative effect on regulators and the public." them. ”

Buffett hated cryptocurrencies.He once called Bitcoin a "rat poison." Although TRON declined to comment on the content of the dinner discussion, Sun initially said that he hoped the meal would close the gap between institutional and traditional investors and the electricity sector. and blockchain technology.

This news seems to have had a positive effect on TRX prices. At the time of writing, the coin soared nearly 13% in a 24-hour time frame to hit $ 0.022661.

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Source: CoinMarketCap

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