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On all operating systems, folders (Folder) is a useful file format for you to classify, manage and organize files by each category, such as music, videos, photos, texts Normal version, ... easily and conveniently.

Especially many of you have a habit of using it as a place to store, hide important documents, study materials from abroad ... and do not want to let anyone know.

But as you know, on Windows 10 has the feature of using thumbnails of the first 2 files as thumbnails for the whole folder, this accidentally reveals the files that you want to hide in there.

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So what to do? Do not worry because in this article I will show you how to manually set thumbnails for any folder on Windows 10!

#first. How to manually set the avatar image for Folder on Windows 10

Specifically as shown below, I have to 2 files DiscordSetup.exe and MediaCreationTool in the directory F in the drive partition D:

... when viewing this folder on the external drive D: You will see the thumbnail image of the two files.

From this thumbnail, we can also imagine what kind of files inside this folder contains, right. But as I said at the beginning of this article, this feature also exposes the files that you put in that folder.

10-picture-getting-a-picture-for-one-of-a-signs-on-win-10 (1)

Unfortunately, there is no setting on Windows 10 to turn this feature off. Fortunately, we have a way to set up custom thumbnails for all folders.


+ Step 1: How to do it is very simple, first you right click on the icon of the folder you want to set your own thumbnail image => and then select Properties, here we take for example the directory F hey

10-picture-getting-a-picture-for-one-of-a-signs-on-win-10 (2)

+ Step 2: In the window Properties of this folder, switch to the tab Customize => and click the button Choose File… at section Folder Pictures to select the image as a thumbnail for the selected folder.

Also you can refer to the article change the folder color on Windows 7/8/10 home, also quite fun it: V


+ Step 3: Navigate to the directory containing your images, click the image you want to set as your avatar => and then click Open.

The images here support all formats, so if you're worried about formatting, don't worry, often we only use popular formats like JPG, PNG, ICO, etc. never mind.

I have tried GIF animation already, it works, but when displayed, it is still a static image only.

=> Select then press OK to apply changes and settings will take effect without restarting Windows 10 or Windows Explorer.

10-picture-getting-a-picture-for-a-collection-on-win-10-games (4)

And here is the result, as you can see, the image I have chosen has been applied to the thumbnail of the folder. F at the drive D: instead of the thumbnail of 2 files *.exe I put it inside.

In addition, this thumbnail will show even if there are no files inside the folder you have placed.

10-picture-getting-a-picture-for-a-letter-on-win-10-format (5)

#2. How to restore a folder's avatar image to default

And if you no longer want to use the thumbnail you set yourself, and you want to restore to thumbnail by default, it's also very easy, the fastest way is to copy all the files. in that directory into another directory and delete it.

But if the files in that folder are important and large, you can restore them by opening the window again. Properties => Switch to tab Customize => and press Restore default => and then select OK is done.

10-picture-getting-a-picture-for-a-letter-on-win-10-format (6)

# 3. Epilogue

Such is the process manually set the image to represent the directory on Windows 10 operating system is done. It is quite useful, isn't it bạn

A very nice and simple way to help prevent you from guessing what you're storing in a folder in Windows 10.

This is not a tutorial on file security or file hiding, so it will only have a slight effect on the security of information. Mainly to change the image representing the Folder to your liking, if you want more secure files, you can refer to the article how to lock folders that Admin has shared offline.

It is a pity that I have tried to set multiple folders at once but it does not work, so if you want to set up multiple folders at the same time, you must use software or set manually only.

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