The grim journey of a forex trader -

If you are new to the forex market or are planning to become a forex trader, this article will partly help you visualize this arduous journey. And if you have become a professional trader, then surely you will have sympathies with me when reviewing my tragic time - O warriors who carry on their scars!

Although at this stage, the amount of information and knowledge about forex is shared more and more, but one thing is for sure, making money in the forex market is not an easy thing.

Move yourself from stocks to forex

Writing this section just to let you know that I had a good financial investment background before moving to forex.

I used to be a securities investor, had all the qualifications and certificates of the SSC. Moreover, I used to be a key person in analyzing and making investment recommendations for the "backyard" company of ACB securities leaders. After moving to a number of other securities companies, I also invest in securities for company leaders (this is private). In addition, many other people know have entrusted me with household investment.

With this grim test, I have been brought to the clouds many times, and then I have fallen to hell. But one time was most impressive, it was on my 30th birthday. Just a few days ago, people were praising me. The boss went out drinking with friends also invited me to go along, while high inspiration boss also patted my shoulder introduced: "this guy genius K"! A few days later, on my birthday, the stock market slumped, losing liquidity. Every day the total accounts I transact on behalf of my family evaporate a few hundred million. How terrible! It was a cold winter day. The blue-eyed cat of stocks falling to the floor on the electronic board has made the freezing cold to the bone!

Unfortunately, the market kept going down, staying still for a long time. And you can already imagine how tragic my situation was then.

Not making money from securities anymore, I switched to investing in forex, because forex trading is similar to securities. With the blood experience and knowledge acquired and accumulated since playing the stock market, I am very confident playing forex. Oh forget, I'm also a Master of finance. This mark also contributes greatly to create an illusion trader later!

The first days of joining the trillion market

At that time, there were not many forex brokers who had Vietnamese website versions, and there were no Vietnamese support staff. With a strong passion, I dug into foreign forex brokers to find out, chat with support staff in my babbling English. Then open an account several hundred usd to play. I vividly remember the feeling when I was able to fund my forex account abroad and place my first trading order. I am extremely happy to have found a way to make money both simple and intellectual. My job now is just to learn and train to become a forex player!

The disadvantage for me at that time was that there were not many forex players in Vietnam, and there were not many documents sharing knowledge and experience of forex quality like on

Falling into a coma

With the desire to make money from the peak of the intellectual market, I dived into research to find out how to play forex effectively. I went online to search and read everything related to forex. Just trade and learn from the experience, at the same time find the pieces, tactics to win the market.

Passion made me neglect my family, neglect work at the company. I was working at a state-owned securities company at the time, I knew it was ineffective and it was going nowhere. For me at that time, the company was just a temporary stop for me to have time to research and perfect the peak financial investment skills!

I planned to work there for 6 months to 1 year, but I ended up sitting there for more than 2 years but still couldn't find the secret!

Writing unfinished. Please wait …… ..

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