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The types of objects and resources in Minecraft are extremely rich. I'm sure you can not understand and know 100% of all the objects in this game.

Therefore, today I continue to introduce the series of objects in Minecraft. In this article I will present to you about the shields and things related to them.

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I. General introduction about the shield

Khiem is a tool used to protect players from attacks. They are also one of the new devices added in the game, namely added from the 1.9 version of the Minecraft game.

In terms of shape, it is a dark, rectangular wooden panel, with an iron-edged edge and a handle at the back. The durability of these shields is also quite high, reaching 337 (an impressive number).

In addition, their durability can be reduced by preventing attacks that cause multiple damage. The formula to create the shield is not too complicated and sophisticated.

To get a shield then …………… ..

First you have to prepare at least 6 wooden boards of any size, an iron ingot => then arrange them into the crafting table as if you have a complete shield.

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II. Some shield applications in Minecraft

Here are some uses of the shield in Minecraft that I know, if there are any uses that you often apply, do not forget to comment at the bottom of the article.

#first. Prevents all attacks from damaging

This is also the main and most common use of shields. They can prevent almost 100% of damage from melee and ranged attacks such as arrows, fireballs, ... ..

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In addition to avoiding the damage caused, the shield also helps you not to be repelled by attacks, it even makes your attackers pushed back 1 block.

Besides, the upper noses when blocked by the shield will bounce back. This effect makes those who hold the shield become immortal under any damage.

#2. The shield will help you reduce the damage from objective explosions

When holding the shield you can avoid explosions from TNT, Crepper, .... However, you are still pushed back when facing the explosion.

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Note: Shields can help you to avoid damage from explosions from Crepper or TNT triggered by others, but it is impossible to block damage from explosions coming from TNT triggered by yourself or from the transmitter.

This is quite important so you must be very careful if you do not want to explode the ball.

# 3. Can not be used immediately

When starting to select shields and holding them, players will not be able to use them to stop immediately but have to wait after 0.25 seconds later.

Over here you should be careful about using emergency shields, you should hold it first so you can use it when you need it.

# 4. The attacks from the ax will shield the shield disabled

When you receive damage from the ax, your hum will be disabled by the elephant within 5s, during which time the attacks on you will still work.

Therefore, you should not use shields to fight with enemies who use axes, in addition to being disabled, the shield also has serious durability reduction.

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# 5. Fix shields in two ways: using anvil or crafting

When the humble ones are broken (reduced durability) after the battle, you can fix them in the following two ways:

Method 1: Put two broken shields on Crafting => then it will create a new shield with the durability equal to the total durability of the two old shields and add another 5%.

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Method 2: With this method, you have to prepare an anvil and wooden planks (1-5 pieces) => then put them in an anvil to fix the shield. Depending on the current strength of the shield will cost a certain amount of wood planks.

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# 6. Enchant the shield with anvil

The shields cannot be enchanted by the enchantment table, you can only enchant them with an anvil. There will be 3 main types of enchantments for that shield:

  • Unbreaking, mending (using experience to restore shield strength)
  • Curse of vanishing (the shield will disappear when you die).

A special thing is that the shields when enchanted will not have sparkling, purple animation like other objects. Depending on the purpose of use, you can cast a shield as you like.

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III. End

The above are things that you should know about the shield in the game Minecraft. If you find this article helpful, don't forget to rate it and leave your comments in the comments!

I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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