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Minecraft is a huge world in which all are made up of eye-catching 3D blocks.

These blocks are considered to be the elements that make up the Minecraft world. So they also have countless different types from color to utility.

Today I continue the series to introduce the uses of each block in Minecraft. And in this article I will introduce to you soul sand block and applications Their unique.

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This is what I know about Soul sand cubes in Minecraft, if you have additional questions or questions, you can leave comments in the comment section of the blog! Now, please continue reading my article.

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#first. What is soul sand?

As you all know, in order to learn something deeply, you must first know the general characteristics of them first.

Similar to the real world, the white sand in hell will be the soul sand. They were added in the game from the up version 1.2.0 (with PC) and 0.12.1 (with PE).

In terms of shape, this is a kind of strange block, probably partly because they are in hell. They are gray-brown, on top of the sand of soul souls are screaming faces, pain, ... that are mostly the faces of the souls in hell. From the outside, they are pretty creepy.

The mass of soul sand appears mostly in hell. But at the most, you can see them appear below the height of y = 65. In addition, you can also catch them in the castle in hell (this is also considered one of the most beautiful wonders of Minecraft). .

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The soul sand blocks have relatively low durability, so you can exploit them with any tool.

Specifically, the time to destroy the soul sand blocks is as follows: By hand: 0.75 seconds; with wooden shovel: 0.45 seconds; stone shovel: 0.2 seconds; iron shovel: 0.15 seconds; diamond shovel = gold shovel: 0.1 seconds.


#2. The application of soul sand cubes in Minecraft

2.1. Humping hell

This is the most common and easiest use of hell sand blocks.

The hell hump seeds are very picky about the soil, they can only live on the soul sand and are a kind of dislike for light. If you do not know then hump hell is one of the materials are quite rare in the game.


2.2. Sand souls cause mobs to slow down

Yet another quite unique application of soul sand. They have the ability to slow down all mobs and players when walking on them.

Especially when placed in the water can reduce the running speed many times more when on the shore.

If you want to be slower then put them on ice or slime blocks, the speed of all mobs and players on it will be slowed to the maximum. You can fully use this application on your own secret mechanisms.


The mobs and the player will sink when standing on blocks of soul sand. When you stand on the blocks of soul sand, your feet will immediately sink 2 pixels.

It may seem unimportant, but it can cause difficult situations. In addition to slowing you down, they can make you lava if you stand close to the edge of the soul.


2.3. Makes silverfish and Ender lice die

Surely you do not know a great application of the sand block hell is that it can kill mobs like silver fish and lice Ender.

These types of mobs when exposed or lying on blocks of soul sand will be trapped and suffocated to death. You can completely use these sand blocks to take out the silver fish and Ender lice.


Putting a line of soul sand in front of the door will make the door a one-way door.

One thing that is very interesting in version 1.7.2 of the Minecraft game is that if you use the soul sand blocks and put them in front of the door like this, you will only go out but can not go back in. These are a great mechanism that you can use to protect your house, etc.

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2.4. Summon withered ghost

Withered ghosts are a type of mobs not available in the wild that they need to be summoned. The main material to be able to summon this type of mobs you must first prepare at least 5 blocks of hell sand and 3 heads of withering monsters.

The summoning formula is similar to Ironman that you use 5 blocks of sand to build up the word T, 3 blocks high.

=> Then continue to put 3 heads on that you can summon withered ghosts. Note that they are extremely strong, so you must be really strong to summon withered ghosts.

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2.5. When the boat hits the sand, the soul will not be broken

If you do not know, from versions 1.7.2 and below, the boats when approaching ashore at high speed will burst into wooden planks and sticks.

But it is with other normal blocks, and when the boat hits the sand blocks of hell, they will not break but instead they will sink deep into the sand.

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# 3. End

Above are some effect of soul sand block in Minecraft that you should know. If you find it interesting or if you have any additional comments, you can feedback below the comment section to add and improve yourself!

Hopefully the article will be helpful to you. I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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