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If 2018 was "the year of FBS"With the extremely loud $ 50 bonus campaign, 2019 can be considered as" the year of XM "when launching the same campaign, for less than $ 30. But XM is "playing bigger", running this program from 2019 until now with no signs of stopping!

Of course, it is also because of such strong spending that FBS or XM are known to more traders. In particular, XM not only launched a $ 30 bonus campaign (which we will talk about in detail later) but also other marketing campaigns to promote the floor image to traders. And according to what XM itself informed, XM leaders also go to "120 cities around the world to connect with customers and partners”. Perhaps because both provide quality services, just do good communication, so XM is a lot of confidence traders choose. So if you are interested in understanding XM, do not skip the article evaluate floor XM our following.

Overview of XM floor

Launched in 2009, XM belongs to Trading Point Holdings Ltd, the official regulatory body of XM is CYTEC - the official license provider, in conjunction with the European Union to ensure the floor operates transparently and anti money laundering. Currently, XM is serving more than 2.5 million customers, from 196 different countries, supporting 30 languages, with 16 comprehensive trading software and 25 secure payment methods, with support. from 450 experts with many years of experience in the financial industry.

XM offers a wide range of products for customers to choose from in addition to Forex also having CFD contracts, stock indices, commodities, stocks, metals and energy. All are transparent from spread to commission and there are no hidden fees, and the order is executed very quickly in less than 1 second. Therefore, XM is many Japanese traders, who are famous fastidious, strict traders, require high service, very favorite and choose to trade.

Basic information about XM floor

  • Established year: 2009

  • XM is managed by: CySEC, ASIC (Australia) and IFSC (Belize)

  • Minimum deposit: $ 5

  • XM offers trading products: Forex currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, precious metals, energy

  • Maximum leverage: 1: 888

  • Trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5, Web Trader, iOS and Android compatible operating systems

License of operation of forex XM trading floor

In many reviews of forex floor, we always insist on finding a licensed broker to trade.

Currently, there will be 2 types of forex market on the market: one is the "underground" operating floor, the other is the floor managed (at least) from a financial institution in the world. Each of these financial institutions will have separate rules, so the bigger the organization, the more stringent the requirements.

Therefore, if Broker you are about to open a trading account, licensed by a reputable organization, it is a reputable exchange. Also because this point many underground operating platforms still seek to counterfeit licenses, so when you need to check transactions or visit the main website of financial institutions such as FCA, NFA, ASIC, BaFIN... to see if the floor you want to trade is actually licensed.

Back to XM, this can be considered as a reputable forex broker licensed by many of the largest financial institutions including:

  • CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) in Cyprus license number 120/10.

  • ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) in Australia license number 443670.

  • IFSC (International Financial Services Commission) license number IFSC / 60/354 / TS / 18.

How will the licenses mentioned on XM guarantee benefits for traders?

Mechanism of segregated accounts, ensuring the liquidity floor for customers

Because it is managed by ASIC 1 of the leading financial management centers, which is also responsible for managing the Australian stock exchange today. So ASIC has a lot of strict requirements on security policy in the form of separate accounts (Segregated Account). Accordingly, the exchange will have 2 accounts, 1 account is only used to hold deposits, completely independent of money from the exchange.

This will ensure capital, avoid the risk when forex trading using margin money on their own, sometimes even reversing orders with the client. As a result, guests' investment money is always protected thanks to trusted trust, does not easily disappear even when XM goes bankrupt. This is also one of the very important criteria to choose a reputable forex trading floor.

Open an XM account

There is an insurance mechanism in case the floor goes bankrupt

With the license from CySEC, XM will be under the control of financial institutions under the EU, so XM is required to comply with the Financial Instruments Directive 2014/65 / EU or MiFID II and EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, to protect traders under the Investor Compensation Fund (CIF) with a maximum coverage of € 20,000.

Must have a minimum capital of € 750,000 (as required by CySEC) or $ 1 million (as required by ASIC).

Currently, XM is operated by XM Global Limited, which is also the unit to ensure capital safety and customer protection in accordance with current regulations. In addition, as a licensed securities service provider, XM is required to meet strict financial requirements. One of these is to maintain sufficient working capital to pay customers, or the fluctuations that may occur for the company's currency trading orders, and all other expenses. In addition, an independent auditing unit will conduct an annual audit of the company's financial statements.

Also because of many strict requirements as above, the more the floor owns more licenses to prove its financial strength, reputation and ability to comply with the law, to ensure the interests of customers.

However, it is worth mentioning, XM operating in Vietnam is under the management of IFSC is also the weakest of the 3 types of XM licenses. So, basically, protecting the rights of Vietnamese traders may not be as strong as the other two agencies. However, in order for an exchange to be licensed by ASIC or CySEC, they need a lot of effort, even FBS, despite being famous in Vietnam, will take 8 years to be licensed by CySEC.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0dfNWUf-kk (/ embed)

Therefore, you can put your trust in the reputation of the floor. Because they can not just for the sake of or anything that damages the reputation, something built not by day, by month but by year. So with what XM is developing you can feel secure trading here.

XM trading platform

One of the advantages of XM is that this forex platform offers both trading platforms including MT4 and MT5 with countless options such as compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers, Webtrader. In particular, XM also develops MT4 and MT5 software that can be compatible with iPad, iPhone, as well as Android, Android Tablet.

MT4 software provided by XM

MT4 is the most popular software that any forex broker uses. Thanks to the friendliness, ease of use, and the ability to support automated transactions through allowing traders to write orders or automated trading robots. For most traders, MT4 is actually the first option to be considered when trading forex or CFD (contracts for differences on financial products).

Key features of XM MT4 software

  • Integrating more than 1000 products including Forex, CFDs and Futures

  • Synchronization with 8 different trading software

  • Spread from only 0.6 pips

  • Technical analysis tool with more than 50 indicators and charting tools

  • Provides 3 types of charts (line charts, bar charts and candlestick charts)

  • Allowed to type hedging (type reciprocal commands)

  • Enables EA, available and custom indicators

  • Full range of technical analysis tools with over 50 indicators and graphing tools

  • Set up custom indicators and different time cycles

  • Ensure full and secure data storage

MT5 software provided by XM

MT5 software is upgraded from MT4 by the parent company Metaquotes develope. So MT5 gives investors the ability to trade multiple layers of products from forex (currency trading), contracts for difference (CFD) to stocks, stock indices, precious metals, energy and commodities. chemistry.

Not only that, due to improvements from MT4 itself, MT5 includes many more optimized features. In particular, there are high-end charting tools, the flexibility of automated trading (algorithmic trading) as well as trading on many specialized specialized markets such as stocks.

In particular, in addition to the 4 traditional order types such as buy limit, buy stop, sell limit, sell stop, MT5, there are 2 more types of pending orders including buy stop limit, sell stop limit that will help traders increase the probability of winning in the trade. . At the same time, with the use MQL5, MT5 also allows traders to program trading robots, as well as set personalized indicators that suit each person's trading style.

In addition, MT5 also has one advantage over MT4 in that it is the software that can trade CFDs. So if any trader intends to trade this product, opening an account using MT5 software is also required.

MT5 features provided by XM

  • Allowed to trade over 1,000 products, including stock CFDs, stock index CFDs, forex, precious metals CFDs and energy CFDs.

  • Synchronize transactions for 7 software

  • Spread from only 0.6 pips

  • Provide more than 80 technical analysis subjects

  • Market depth of the latest quotes

  • Ability to display more than 100 charts at once

  • Support many other order types: market order, pending order (buy limit, buy stop, sell limit, sell stop, buy stop limit, sell stop limit), stop and trailing stop

  • More than 80 technical indicators and more than 40 analysis objects

For those who love hitting Hedging at XM

Hedging is the act of matching reciprocal orders including Buy and Sell at the same time. This method is used by many traders, however, we recommend that if you do not have much trading experience, it is best to just hit the trend to avoid the highest risk.

XM is probably the best platform to support hedging today. Thanks to providing a type of order called "Close by", it allows traders to close two opposite orders of a trade at the same time. This will help traders save 1 cost difference. Note, 2 orders must be closed at the same time as buy orders need to close with sell orders, or sell orders need to close with buy orders to be able to use "close by".

In addition to "close by" XM also provides another order, compatible with both MT4 and MT5 software is the "Multiple close by" command that allows traders to close many opposite orders at the same time. For example, you have 2 reciprocal orders, you can use one of the orders to close the remaining orders. Thus, it is possible to collect or lose a significant spread fee.

Multiterminal MT4 provided by XM

Multiterminal is an application for traders who want to manage multiple MT4 accounts from 1 software with only 1 Login and 1 unique password. Multiterminal software of XM supports the following main features:

  • Support up to 128 trading accounts

  • Support many types of commands

  • 3 modes of allocation

  • Management and execution in real time

Types of XM trading accounts

XM offers 4 main types of accounts: Micro account, Standard account, Ultra Low account and Share account (stock account).

Micro account provided by XM

  • Deposit a minimum of 5 $

  • Spread spread: from 1 Pip

  • Commission fee: no

  • Maximum number of open / pending orders: 200 orders

  • Minimum order amount: 0.01 Volume (MT4), 0.1 Volume (MT5)

  • Trading bonus: Yes

This is the account XM is aimed at customers who are new traders. So they are similar to the Cent account at the floor Exness or FBS.

However, this account has a difference will be calculated in the form of Micro Lot (equivalent to 1 lot = 1,000 units instead of 1 lot = 100,000 units like other standard lots). Therefore, even though at XM the amount displayed is still in USD, but because the size of the smaller trade lot, 1 lot for Micro account is only equivalent to 0.01 lot on a standard account, so it still helps Investors manage risk. In general, this account is extremely suitable for new traders, who are in the process of learning about forex.

Standard account provided by XM

  • Minimum deposit: 5 $

  • Spread spread: Only from 1 Pip

  • Commission fee: None

  • Maximum number of open / pending orders: 200 orders

  • Minimum order quantity: 0.01 lot

  • Trading bonus: Yes

This is the same account as the Micro account, but trading in standard lot units with a minimum deposit of only USD 5 or more, with a spread of 1 pip and XM also offers a maximum leverage of 1 : 888. Both types of accounts XM want to target new traders, or traders are practicing forex trading, so offer a lot of favorable conditions to meet the best trading needs for them.

XM Ultra Low Account

  • Spread for major currency pairs: Only from 0.6 Pips

  • Commission: no

  • Maximum number of open / pending orders: 200 orders

  • Minimum deposit: $ 50

This is the account with the lowest spread of only 0.6 pips, in addition to no commission, and the minimum deposit, as prescribed from XM, very low from only 50 USD. So it can be said that this account is suitable for many traders, especially those who love surfing.

This is because this account XM wants to use to attract traders to compete with ECN or reputable forex exchanges like ICMarkets or Exness. In particular, although there are many incentives mentioned above, Ultra Low account does not charge commission, an extremely attractive point for those who want to trade at XM.

You should also note that the Ultra Low account is divided into two smaller types, XM Ultra Low Standard and XM Ultra Low Micro, which differ mainly in trading volume, all other conditions are kept the same.

Share account provided by XM

  • Base currency USD

  • Lever: There is no leverage

  • Spread According to each basic exchange rate

  • Commission fee: Yes

  • Maximum number of open / pending orders: 50 orders

  • Minimum order quantity: 1 lot

  • Minimum deposit: $ 10,000

This is an account for traders who love stock trading. However, this account requires a very high minimum deposit of 10,000 USD or more. This is because the Share account provided by XM is not allowed to use leverage.

Another point, according to word rules XM You must place a minimum order of 1 stock with a minimum volume of 1 lot. As you know, 1 standard lot will be 100,000 units, so if complying with XM regulations, the minimum deposit for this type of account will not be USD 10,000 but must be USD 100,000 to be enough to trade 1 lot. Although offering thousands of stock products from many different countries, but with no use of leverage, the minimum deposit of $ 10,000 is indeed a very high level!

Meanwhile, there are many other forex brokers such as XTB or ICMarkets that offer stock products (XTB provide 1,700 shares) and you still fully enjoy the maximum leverage 1:20. Therefore, it is fair to say that with such requirements on this stock account of XM it is difficult to compete with XTB or ICMarkets.

Some points to note about the types of accounts provided by XM

Because XM has many different types of accounts, it allows customers to open 8 accounts at the same time. However, it is also because of the opening of so many accounts, that XM has a number of related policies Inactive account.

According to XM, an account is considered to be inactive if there is no trading / withdrawal / deposit / internal transfer / registration of additional trading accounts within 90 (ninety) days. All bonuses, credits, and XMP points will be automatically deleted from the inactive account.

Inactive accounts will be charged $ 5 per month, or the entire account balance, if the available balance is less than $ 5. Trading accounts with zero balances will be archived after a period of 90 days.

So, if you have too many accounts and forget to use them, the best way to avoid being charged $ 5 / month is to withdraw all your money, or transfer money internally to the most frequently traded accounts. Please.

Open an XM account

Trading products provided by XM

XM offers a wide range of products with more than 1,000 products. Only a pity, XM currently no longer supports cryptocurrency transactions. So, if you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you can refer to exchanges like Exness or XTB.

See more: Reviewing Exness floor details

  • Forex trading: consists of 57 currency pairs - major, cross and foreign

  • Stock CFDs: 1184 stocks

  • Stocks: 100 different stock types, traded on Share accounts

  • Commodity: 8 commodity products including: Cafe, Wheat, Sugar, Corn, Cocoa

  • Stock index: 30 indices

  • Precious metals: 4 products including gold, silver, platinum and palladium

  • Energy: 4 products including: Brent oil, WTI Oil, NGAS, London Gas Oil (GSOIL)

Basically, XM offers a lot of products for you to choose freely. Especially both stocks and stocks when trading at XM Enjoy dividends Normally, according to the dividend payment schedule that XM provides in the product information.

Of course, since this is essentially a CFD trading, you will not have the right to veto, give opinions as when trading the underlying stock. But the dividend is also a competitive advantage, provided by XM. Make this product more competitive than other forex brokers, only provide stock indexes as a CFD, like forex or gold or silver trading.

Spread, commission and leverage fees at XM

Spread fees provided by XM

In fact, the spread spread of XM is quite high, especially in Micro and Standard accounts ranging from 1.6 pips -2.6pip. Currently, XM has launched an Ultra Low account with super low spreads of only 0.6 pips, no commission or any hidden fee, very suitable for those who specialize in trading scalping (surfing).

Leverage at XM

XM offers a maximum leverage of 1: 888, but Share accounts will have no leverage. For the remaining three accounts, this leverage will be gradually reduced according to the amount of money that traders deposit and trade at XM. As follows:

  • With deposit amount from 5 USD to 20,000 USD maximum leverage: 1: 888.

  • With the deposit amount slowly 001 USD to 100,000 USD maximum leverage is 1: 200.

  • With the deposit amount from above 001 USD maximum leverage is 1: 100.

In addition, you should pay attention to the rare currency pairs: EURDKK, EURHKD, GBPDKK, USDDKK, USDHKD, USDCNH, EURRUB and USDRUB leverage will not exceed 1:50. With 2 pairs of USDTRY, EURTRY leverage does not exceed 1: 100. With currency pairs containing CHF maximum leverage not exceeding 1: 400, okay.

In particular, XM also provides automatic leverage mode. If you think that level 1: 888 is too high, you can log into your account, go to the "Account" section and select "Change leverage" to be able to move to more appropriate levels.


At XM, except for the Share account, all the remaining 3 accounts are free of commission, a huge discount that XM wants for traders to trade on the floor.

Resources provided by XM

XM is probably the hardest forex broker to provide resources for most traders. In addition to educational resources, there are resources on trading signals, market research or a lot of trading indicators automatically developed and developed by XM itself.

Trading signals are provided by XM

XM offers a variety of signals for traders to choose from, in addition to the analytical signals performed by XM itself, you will also receive signals from the expert Avramis Despotis, who has trained Member for many famous banks and news agencies around the world such as: Reuters, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Saxo Bank, Barclays Bank...

The entire analysis made by Avramis Despotis mainly revolves around 10 products such as: EUR / USD, GBP / JPY, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / JPY, AUD / USD, GOLD, US30, NIKKEI and OIL, will be sent 2 times / day in Vietnamese. It provides entry points, take profit points and stop-loss points. You only need to register and authenticate your account successfully, you will receive these signals in the member area.

You can see more here.

In addition, you can also get signals provided by XM itself at the resources section, after logging into your account:

Then if you select "Technical Analysis" you will see the analysis as shown below. Unfortunately, this part of XM has not been Vietnameseized, so if you do not know English, you can use Google Translate to understand more.

Indicators developed by XM itself

XM is always proud of having 450 leading experts supporting it, so it is very easy for XM to develop indicators for MT4 software. In addition to familiar indicators such as Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands or ADX, XM also develops an indicator called the Ribbon Indicator that can help traders detect trends, accumulation areas or forecast reversal signs to prepare. out.

Educational resources

Not only develop indicators, invite experts to come "out" for "people" to trade at XM. But XM itself also attaches great importance to education and thrives in this area. In addition to the detailed videos on how to use MT4, MT5, XM offers a lot of other video lessons. Not only that, XM also regularly organizes seminars in 3 North, Central and South to support or transfer knowledge to help Trader better trade. Just sign up for an account at XM, you will absolutely be able to join these free programs.

The promotions of XM

As mentioned from the beginning, XM is extremely willing to promote marketing campaigns as well as various bonus programs. Some of the most notable current XM programs include:

30 $ trading bonus for registering an XM account

This program applies to first-time customers who register for an XM account, as long as the account is verified, the account will be automatically added 30 USD without having to deposit or anything else.

Therefore, to receive USD 30 trading file or test floor you just need:

  • Register for an XM account

  • Then proceed to verify the account in the member area by sending proof of address and identity card

  • Click on the Request for redemption button

  • Complete the SMS confirmation procedure according to the instructions on the screen

After completing the above procedure, if the XM account is verified successfully, the money will automatically be added for you to try the transaction. To withdraw money, XM also offers extremely simple requirements such as:

  • Minimum trading volume is 0.1 Standard lot

  • Minimum number of orders is 5

15% welcome bonus

As the name suggests right after your deposit within 24 hours your account will be added 15% of the amount you deposit. Also the maximum bonus amount is 500 USD.

Note, 15% bonus will not be withdrawn, it is only used to free margin for the account only to help you manage risk better. In addition, Ultra Low XM and XM Shares Accounts are not eligible for deposit bonuses.

Promotion 10 years of founding XM

This is XM's lucky draw program to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its founding. Bạn chỉ cần có một tài khoản giao dịch thực MT4/MT5 tại XM đã được xác thực với số dư ít nhất là 500$ (hoặc số tiền tương đương) bạn sẽ nhận được 1 vé quay may mắn, chương trình sẽ kéo dài tới 8/2020 bạn nhé.

Mở tài khoản XM

Miễn phí VPS

Nếu bạn duy trì số tiền tối thiểu từ 500 USD trở lên, giao dịch ít nhất 2 lot tiêu chuẩn (hoặc 200 lot micro) mỗi tháng, bạn sẽ được miễn phí VPS. Ngoài ra, nếu không đạt các yêu cầu trên, bạn sẽ phải mất 28 USD/tháng để sử dụng VPS.

Nạp và rút tiền tại sàn XM

Hiện tại, các khoản nạp rút tại sàn XM được xử lý 24/7 thông qua các cổng thanh toán điện tử như Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Master Card và Ngân lượng.

Ưu điểm lớn nhất của XM là hỗ trợ toàn bộ chi phí nạp/rút tiền cho toàn bộ các cổng thanh toán như: Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard. Ví dụ, nếu bạn nạp 100 USD bằng Skrill và rút 100 USD sau đó, bạn sẽ nhận được đầy đủ 100 USD trong tài khoản Skrill, vì XM đã trả toàn bộ các khoản phí giao dịch cả hai chiều. Đây là điều chưa sàn forex nào làm được ngoại trừ XM! Tuy nhiên, nếu rút tiền dưới 200 USD bạn sẽ phải chịu phí rút tiền thu từ phía ngân hàng của bạn.

Toàn bộ yêu cầu rút tiền được XM xử lý trong vòng 24 giờ. Thông qua Thẻ XM hoặc ví điện tử sẽ nhận được tiền trong ngày, nếu sử dụng chuyển khoản hoặc thẻ tín dụng/thẻ ghi nợ sẽ mất 2 -5 ngày làm việc.

Dịch vụ chăm sóc khách hàng sàn XM

XM hỗ trợ dịch vụ khách hàng đa ngôn ngữ 24/5 qua email, điện thoại và chat trực tuyến.

Mỗi khách hàng của XM đều có một Nhà quản lý Tài khoản cá nhân riêng, người sẽ không chỉ cung cấp hỗ trợ kỹ thuật đầy đủ thông qua chat trực tuyến, email hoặc điện thoại, mà bạn còn có thể lên lịch với họ cho những buổi đào tạo một-một để tìm hiểu kiến thức cơ bản về MetaTrader4.

Nên có thể đánh giá dịch vụ hỗ trợ từ XM là vô cùng chuyên nghiệp và tận tâm nhất hiện nay.

Tổng kết ưu và nhược điểm của sàn XM

Ưu điểm

  • Sở hữu rất nhiều giấy phép từ các tổ chức uy tín

  • Tích hợp giao dịch Forex và CFD trên cùng 1 tài khoản giao dịch.

  • Có tài khoản dành riêng cho những trader thích giao dịch cổ phiếu

  • Không thu phí hoa hồng (trừ tài khoản cổ phiếu)

  • Tiền nạp tối thiểu thấp

  • Phù hợp với những ai thích đánh Hedging

  • Rút tiền nhanh và thuận tiện

  • XM hỗ trợ toàn bộ phí chuyển tiền

  • Khuyến mãi liên tục

  • Cung cấp TÍN HIỆU GIAO DỊCH chuyên nghiệp 2 lần mỗi ngày

Nhược điểm

  • Không có giao dịch tiền điện tử

  • Sản phẩm giao dịch cổ phiếu không có đòn bẩy, phí nạp tiền cao

Kết luận về XM có phải sàn lừa đảo không? Có nên giao dịch tại XM không?

Thực sự XM rất thành công với các chiến dịch Marketing mà sàn đưa ra. Tuy nhiên, cho dù cung cấp khá nhiều con số ấn tượng, về cơ bản khi đánh giá XM chúng tôi vẫn thấy có 1 số điểm còn khá bất cập như:

Điểm thứ nhất chính là tốc độ khớp lệnh. Tại website XM nói rằng “XM đã đi tiên phong với chính sách không báo giá lại và không từ chối lệnh kể từ năm 2010. Chúng tôi khớp 100% lệnh, trong đó 99,35% các lệnh được thực hiện dưới 1 giây.” Tuy nhiên, XM lại không nói cụ thể dựa vào công nghệ gì như công nghệ ngang hàng P2P, hay việc thuê đặt các máy chủ tại những trung tâm dữ liệu hàng đầu như Equinix mà sàn ICMarkets từng làm. Chính vì thế, các con số XM đưa ra chủ yếu là từ phía XM mà không một ai có thể kiểm chứng được. Vì lẽ đó, XM nên giải thích cụ thể hơn vấn đề này tại phần thực thi lệnh của XM sẽ thuyết phục hơn.

Một điểm nữa, XM không nói rõ bản chất sàn đang hoạt động là dạng Market Maker, STP hay ECN bởi XM không đề cập tới các nhà cung cấp thanh khoản dành cho sàn. Thậm chí ngay cả tài khoản Ultra Low, loại tài khoản được XM cung cấp để cạnh tranh với các sàn ECN khác như ICMarkets chẳng hạn.

Và mặc dù cung cấp spread rất cạnh tranh, nhưng tài khoản này XM lại không hề thu phí hoa hồng. Về nguyên tắc cơ bản, với những sàn True ECN, lệnh của nhà giao dịch sẽ được đẩy trực tiếp vào thị trường, nên sàn sẽ chỉ thu phí hoa hồng và không can thiệp vào spread. Tuy nhiên, XM lại Miễn Phí hoa hồng cho loại tài khoản này, nên không rõ đây là chính sách phát triển của sàn để tiếp cận nhiều khách hàng hơn. Hay vì lí do gì khác???

Công bằng mà nói XM thực sự là 1 sàn forex uy tín, luôn cố gắng cải thiện chất lượng dịch vụ để cung cấp cho khách hàng những trải nghiệm tốt nhất. Một trong những hành động tiêu biểu cho vấn đề này chính là việc XM đã cung cấp thêm cổng thanh toán bằng Ngân Lượng trong thời gian gần đây, để giúp khách hàng có thể nạp rút dễ dàng hơn. Cũng như việc cung cấp rất nhiều tài nguyên giáo dục khác nhau do chính XM bỏ công nghiên cứu từ tín hiệu giao dịch, cho đến các chỉ báo, các buổi dạy học trực tiếp để hỗ trợ khách hàng.

Mở tài khoản XM

Thực tế, sàn giao dịch nào cũng có ưu và nhược điểm riêng, lựa chọn sàn như thế nào còn phụ thuộc vào kế hoạch của từng trader. Vì thế, ngay bản thân XM còn khá nhiều điểm bất cập, nhưng vẫn cung cấp giao dịch tới hơn 2.5 triệu khách hàng thì đây vẫn là sàn giao dịch bạn có thể tham khảo và lựa chọn. Chúc các bạn thành công!

Bạn vừa đọc bài viết: “Đánh giá sàn XM mới nhất 2020”

Tác giả: Tin Nguyen

Đừng quên ThíchChia sẻ bài viết này bạn nhé!


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