Zhao Changpeng made the first AMA in 2020 with the sharing of Binance's next direction

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) just made its first AMA session in 2020. We will look at the most important announcements in 2020.

Zhao Changpeng launched the first AMA in 2020. It is an important step

Binance has big plans in 2020

In the latest AMA session, CZ shared a lot of important changes that traders can look for in 2020. This is the first time CZ has implemented AMA in 3 months and the first time in 2020.

Immediately, he was asked about the impact of Corona Virus in Wuhan on Bitcoin. CZ replied that he didn't think it would affect Bitcoin but it could be devastating for the global economy. Binance has pledged to support 10 million yuan (rmb) to combat the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak.

Binance will launch BNB futures with a leverage of 50 times on the next 10. BNB will be the 16th coin to be added to Binance Futures.

Binance Futures is deploying Tic price data using Tic price data to explore prices effectively, while adding BUSD to a pegged USD stablecoin regulated in NY state with a strict management regime. This will reduce risk and allow for lower fees.

WazirX, an Indian blockchain startup that has partnered with leading exchange, has just launched a successful IEO on Launchpad. This is the second Indian Blockchain startup launched on Launchpad, Matic is the first startup.

Binance is adding a series of new fiat ports to currencies such as the Norwegian currency, Russia and Croatia. There are currently also purchases of cryptocurrencies with Russian credit cards. You can buy and sell Bitcoin in VND here.

Introducing a new motto platform

Binance has announced two new programs, the peer-to-peer market at 0%, however, still needs AML / KYC. And a brokerage program. CZ is actively seeking brokers and P2P partners.

P2P investors will provide fiat liquidity and help launch a P2P market in developing economies. Brokerage program for partners with trading platforms, they can push transactions through Binance API and share fee revenue.

Binance Chain, Binance DEX that powers the blockchain is also a series of developments. Zhao Changpeng hopes to soon deploy smart contracts and private features, making the Binance blockchain more flexible.

Investing in BNB to make a profit is still far away, but CZ's websites already have ways to make a profit on BNB such as the Binance loan program, which minimizes risk.

Deploying Binance segwit and Lightning Network is still far away, as it requires a lot of work to deploy safely. The Binance wallet infrastructure is still using the legacy BTC address.

CZ was also asked about the upcoming Bitcoin halving program. He believes we can see some short-term price increases due to the increased production costs of Bitcoin that miners will try to sell more of.

He also speculates that as the Bitcoin mission calendar declines, we will see an increase in new Bitcoin users also helping to increase the price of Bitcoin.

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