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If you do not know how to take a good picture on iPhone in particular, or use a smartphone to take photos in general, then I think the 11 tips on how to take photos in this article will be really helpful for you.

I do not promise to help you become an expert in this field, but to be able to take a “browseable” photo is more than enough 😀

#first. Use iPhone Camera shortcut

If you do not want to miss any interesting moments in life, then apply this tip on iPhone offline.

Because in life, there are many moments that happen suddenly, without any arrangement at all. Should require you to be quick and have to be equipped with special skills to be able to take photos for life. But as usual, waiting for you to turn on the camera will make the moment go away, it's a pity, isn't it!

But every problem has a solution and this problem is no exception, to catch up and capture those moments, you:

Perform: Swipe up the iPhone camera shortcut from the Lock screen => then you can quickly take photos without waiting time.

Some other iOS versions, please press and hold the Camera icon outside the lock screen for about 1 second and release it to open Camera quickly.

You can also do something similar while in the app, or on the Home screen => by visiting Trung tâm điều khiển (swipe from the bottom up or swipe from the top down depending on the device) => then press the Camera button.

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#2. Experiment with third party applications

If you're not in a hurry to take a snapshot, I recommend downloading some manual third-party camera apps to take photos instead of using the default camera.

Apple has opened a range of controls for developers, including shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure, ... which means you can often take photos with much greater clarity. with the default camera application.

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Bonus tip: While you can't assign camera shortcut buttons to third-party apps, you can place them in your Dock so they can be easily accessed from any part of the app. Màn hình chính.

# 3. Target shooting mode around your final result

Apple's default camera app offers many different modes for taking photos, including panoramic, portrait, square and photo photography.

It sounds like a regular guide, but I find it really useful, making it easy to shoot in the mode you plan to publish.

For example, when I take a photo I want to post to Instagram, I shoot in square mode instead of the usual photo mode and have to crop the image afterwards. It helps you frame your images better, instead of trying to invent new frames.

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# 4. Enable grid photography

Your iPhone comes with a grid option that can help you line up your photos so they follow a one-third rule. You can enable this option by visiting Cài đặt => Camera => and turn on the feature Lưới up.

Or Setting => Image & Camera => and turn on the feature Grid

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# 5. Turn off the Flash when taking photos

Recent generations of iPhone flashes are much more improved than their predecessors, but in general the flash is still an LED: It's not powerful and useful for producing good photos, and even With TrueTone technology (on iPhone X and above), it can sometimes emit a strange color on your images.

Instead, try shooting in natural light sources, or if you shoot at night, use the exposure slider of the Camera app to increase the light in the image.

Invest in a very bright light bulb, I would recommend it Pocket Spotlight of the Photojojo, it emits significantly more light than the iPhone's small flash.

# 6. Use Burst mode to take action photos

If you want to take photos of your lover, or the youth who are playing sports, generally being active ... then the continuous shooting mode (available on iPhone 5S and above) will be a perfect feature that you are Find that.

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Perform: To shoot in Burst mode, you just need to touch and hold the shutter button (or volume up button) when you want to start.

While holding down the shutter button, you'll see a counter appear at the bottom of the screen, which will tell you how many photos you've taken. To stop shooting, just lift your finger and the image will be saved Camera Roll your.

# 7. Turn on HDR automatically

Your iPhone comes with a software feature called High Dynamic Range also known as HDR.

This feature allows you to take pictures of high contrast light sources (say, one afternoon, a brilliant sunset on a dark mountain) and still take a beautiful picture without changing or distorting the light. bright or dark areas of the picture.

Your iPhone does this by taking several consecutive photos at different exposures, then combining them together to create a complete image.

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You can manually enable or disable HDR from the application Máy ảnh, but I prefer iOS 8's HDR Auto (available for iPhone 5s and up) - it uses information from the iPhone's sensor when you point your device at a subject to determine when images may be needed. edit HDR and then turn it on HDR mode.

(You'll know HDR is enabled by a small yellow "HDR" box that appears at the bottom of the screen.)

HDR Auto can save you a little bit more storage on your device and prevent you from taking HDR unnecessarily.

#8. Keep a position on your viewfinder to lock focus

If you are trying to take macro photos or want to prevent the iPhone camera from trying to capture another subject in the frame, locking your focus point on the current subject is extremely helpful.

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Perform: You can do this by touching and holding the object in question until you see the yellow AE / AF Lock warning.

This means that auto exposure metering and autofocus metering lock your subject, to remove the lock, simply touch anywhere else on the frame.

# 9. Slide the exposure meter to brighten (or darken) the image

If an image is too blurry or underexposed for your liking, you can fix it before taking a photo by adjusting the yellow exposure slider next to the focus square.

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Just touch the focus square and exposure slider once> then use the sun icon to increase your exposure by sliding upwards, or reducing the exposure by sliding downwards.

#ten. Take photos with the volume button

Because the iPhone is too thin, touching the digital shutter button on the screen can cause the camera to shake and blur your photo.

So instead, you can use the volume up button (when you use the default photography app) to take photos. It will be very different.

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# 11. This is for the unprofessional

This way for reference only decent guys ^^!

Please turn your phone down, ie the camera is facing down => then capture. Many people believe that taking photos like this will help people in higher pictures.

And it is true, when the camera is turned down so when you hold the camera, the camera will shoot in the direction of checking from the bottom to the top so everyone will look higher in the picture.

Photographers probably do not do so, because it would look weird 😀


Above are 10 tips and tricks to help you Take a nice picture on iPhone. In addition to the tips that I have just shared above, if you have any other interesting tips for taking photos, don't forget to share them again.

If you have any questions, please comment below the comment section so we can solve them. Good luck !!

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