Explain the domain name registration for beginners


Explain domain registration for newbies - What is domain registration? Make it easy - domain registrars help you buy and manage your own domain name.

Domain name is the website address used on the Internet.

If you want to create a website, you need a domain name, which means you will need to interact with the domain registrar in some way.

Let's go into more detail

What is domain registration?


As mentioned before, you need to buy and register a domain name. You purchased a domain name from a domain registrar. Domain registrars are people or organizations that help you buy and register a domain name.

Very useful, most registrars provide a visual tool to help you find available names. For your part, you only need to enter the name you choose and then pay.

In fact, the domain name is not sold to you completely. You only hire the name 1 period. Most domain registrars track the expiry date and then offer renewal services.

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How domain registration tool works


Domain names are not something that can be purchased externally. There is a top-level non-profit agency for domain name management - ICANN (Internet Corporation with assigned name).

ICANN monitors domain registration. All domain names are entered in the central register (domain name registration) and then the domain name you will have to find the location there to be valid.

In fact, it's the domain name registrar that actually manages and maintains the domain name. The registry leaves the task of selling domain names to domain name registrars.

To become a domain name registrar, you need accreditation from ICANN. Instead, domain registrars sell your domain name to you directly or through a reseller. If you are looking for a suitable service, it is best to buy the domain name directly from the domain registrar.

To expand our domain choice, we use different domain extensions - for example .com, .edu and .org. Or country specific extensions like .en, .in, .vn. You should know that not all domain registrars sell all extensions, which limits your choice of domain registrar.


Let's do this with an example - Verisign maintains the registry with .com domain name. In case you want to have a .com domain name on your website, you will have to purchase it from a domain registrar associated with the .com extension. The registrar will notify Verisign to reserve the domain name for you and then pay the fee to Verisign on your behalf. The registrar includes this fee for the money they collect from you.

Today, domain name registrars provide some additional services such as hosting or privacy or domain name transfer. In fact, many of them are stores for domain name registration, website setup, hosting, managed hosting. If desired, learn more about hosting here.

Next steps and how to get started

If you want to get started with domain names, domain registrars, we have a lot of guides to help you.

First, we've collected the best affordable domain registrars. We also have complete instructions on how to register a domain name.


If you just want a quick suggestion, Domain.com works great as a domain registrar. Also, if you want to get hosting of the same domain from the same place, see Bluehost.

If you're not sure which domain to buy, we have some tips on choosing a domain name, as well as instructions on domain extensions (like .com, .net).

If you still lack ideas, you can always use the domain builder.

When you have a domain name, you follow our complete guide on how to create a website to turn your domain name into a working website.


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